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7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 4

I personally feel like my 7 Quick Takes are a little more interesting this week.  I know I sure am T-I-R-E-D from all of this past week's adventure!  So, as you may or may not remember, it was "vacation" time... i.e., bi-annual trip to see family, yadayada...

1. Driving from Alabama to Louisiana on a 10 hour (one way) trip and back TWICE in a week's time was not planned, and not for "fun" reasons, but there were blessings from it all.  Like getting extra time with family we didn't even previously have time to see, and then precious-to-me time alone to talk Doug's ear off (with no kids, it was very reminiscent of the early years, though we talked a lot more about finances and, well, kids than theology :P)   This is a pic of going through Mississippi, which I guess I've concurred through the years, is my fav leg of the trip.  Even though Mississippi was always Louisiana and Alabama's saving grace from being last on all the worst lists LOL, there has always been something about it when we traveled through to me.  Darker green and closer tree lines as seen here, plus these rocky walls and hills along the Interstate that made you feel as if you were maybe near mountains (though nothing could be farther from it LOL)  And then, of course the Mississippi Bridge, which I will have to tell you about my long-time childhood nightmare related to it some time.....

1. cont'd, ...  Um,...about that Miss. bridge.  I EVEN set my alarm on my phone (too early) so that I would remember to take a good pic of it, argh!  You'd think 4 times over it, I'd get ONE.  Sigh..  This one was a last ditch attempt backwards... Well, anyhoo, you can google images of it ....there are more than just the one over I-20 of course, going on up through out the states.  Lots of history there.  But I found an interesting book and unit study here  that sounds good.  Might add that into our American History studies this year.  It certainly taints the "feel" for Miss. I had growing up (with little knowledge of the history and racial issues)....but, there's always hope.  Doug and I have actually talked a lot about race issues lately.  As kids in the 70s and 80s, we just did not fully realize how CLOSE we were to the horrible American racial past.  Even when we were finally told in history class, it seemed ages ago and time to "move on."  Well, now being older, and knowing how quickly time flies, yet how connected we are to recent past!  No wonder people are still bitter.  Such shameful inhumane things done in such "modern" and "civil" a society.  It's hard to fathom.  And teaching about slavery and the Civil War to my children has been SO. HARD.  It's been a loss of innocence for them.  They were growing up so protected from that, it was unimaginable that just in their grandparents' time was separation and second-class human treatment.  DISGRACEFUL.  SAD. EVIL.  And yet, while they thankfully look at their bi-racial, different skin-toned cousin with NO DIFFERENCE what-so-ever.....we know full well in this world we live in, in this region especially, and even among family members.....racism lives on.  I am sure that my children are not done "learning" about such evils.  But I keep praying that their generation will eradicate all of it.  But....I digress....again....

2.  So the main reason for the visit in the first place?  Family.  Actually, some years it's been more annual than bi-annual, due to lack of funds or busy schedules, but here's my parents.  (Not knowing they are on the 'net won't hurt them right?)  Mom looked really good for all the horrible pain she's suffered and 2 major major surgeries in less than 6 months, at age 77.  And here's the "gift" Mariam gave them:
2. cont'd....:)  She's finally started adding eyes and limbs and smiles and hair to her figures she draws,...and I think  her artistic expression must surely be influenced by the likes of Yo Gabba Gabba or something LOL  What do you think? :P  But I have been really proud of our little girl the past few months.  This was her best behaved visit and trip, and then this morning in Mass, a special Mass we happened upon in a neighboring city, as to not be in our home parish on "vacation" (as to not be bombarded due to our jobs there LOL)...where the ARCHBISHOP happened to be installing a new priest to that parish... she was SO GOOD in that tiny little parish during his sermon and really the entire Mass, for her.  We didn't have to go out once with her.  But I digress.... :)  But I just talked to my mom tonight and she remarked how much they enjoyed her, how sweet she was, how loving.  It's true...she was very careful and loving with Grandmama, helping her to bed at bedtime LOL  That girl has passion, no matter what she's doing, no matter which emotion...just catch her when it's loving instead of angry :D  

3. So, our Mass away from home last week was at a parish that was not our home-parish when we lived there, but one we did visit often (other side of town) because a) we loved it and b) it was the latest "last chance" Mass in town LOL  Sad but true.  Anyway, we had not seen it since they did a massive remodel of the Church.  One word:  A-MAZING!  No two: BEAUTIFUL.  No, three: ETHEREAL!  I can't help but say I do wish our parish now had taken more of this kind of direction.  I love love love our parish now, and the new Sanctuary, etc, but...still....Anyhoo, you can see more of how it looked previously and the remodel here
4. After Mass, we drove down to the little beautiful chapel where we were married.  Yes, this amazing  little structure with quite an interesting history was the beautiful setting for our wedding.  We have an equally amazing drawing that an old school friend did of it and gave us, that I'll post some time.  You can also see the lovely altar in the background of our wedding photo here.  I also have more pics from it I intend to post in the future, of the church...something "different" and unique.  But for now,... the kids loved seeing it....

4. cont'd 

5. Next, after being in more 100+ degree 99% humidity weather, we just "had" to stop by the  nearest Circle K and get a Big Gulp and Icee...who knew they had Dr. Pepper flavor now....ahhhh.  (This was before I committed to the Virtual 5K right?  Of course last night's movie popcorn wasn't....sigh....)  
6. As I said, our trip took some surprising turns.  Well, ONE in particular LOL  Our van suddenly died as we were going 70 mph down the Interstate with 18 wheelers all around.  Thankfully we were able to safely coast to the very close next exit and check things out.  Long story short, a mechanic said the Engine was shot and we couldn't drive it home.  We stayed w/ my brother and his family overnight and drove a nice rental home.  NICE to us.  LUXURY to our kids LOL  They longed to "keep" the rental, which was a 2012 Dodge Caravan.  Here are the happy campers on our way back home.  Who knows, maybe one day we CAN get that van...say, in 10 years LOL 

6. cont'd....And then, Doug and I took a return (10 hr one way) trip to pick up the van with FIL's truck.  This was our view on the way back.  Funny story:  (and he told this publicly himself, so I'm okay here lol)  I was on the phone and suddenly Doug started laughing SO HARD.  I had NO IDEA what he was laughing at, but it was SO FUNNY watching him laugh that hard, that I had to join in.  Then, when he finally was able to tell me what it was, we laughed so hard we couldn't breathe.  He was driving along and suddenly thought, hey why is that van all up on my rear-end...oh...wait...LOL  Sleep deprived, let me tell ya!  Did I mention I killed Doug's phone?  I had been charging them in the van, mine and his.  I laid them on top of that there tool box in the pic, while we were hooking up the van, and when he went to drive it around the block to test the hook-up on the car dolley, I totally forgot....he drove around a curve, and swish!  His smashed to bits on the ground, couldn't even find the battery.   Mine just lay there :P  Who knows. LOL Thankfully insurance has a new one coming in already tomorrow...woot woot! 

7. Ah, l'amore!  Our puppy Belle (lovingly cared for by a family friend) missed us as much as we missed her, in case you can't tell. :P

So, that was my not-so quick takes from this past week, a wee bit late, and no fancy smartphone picture apps applied...but maybe next week :P  Am I getting any better at this???  Well, for more Quick Takes, go to Conversion Diary .  Thanks Y'all! :)

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