Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 quick takes vol. 3

1. One of our family reunions was last Sunday...the one that is at the rec park/water park every year.  In years past everyone went for a swim at the water park, but that has died down.  We still like to go though....and we are so grateful that we happened to be gifted with season passes for our family.  So lunch was at high noon, and the kids were just waiting....and waiting...and waiting...on us to finish our overflowing plates of casseroles and meats and desserts. :P  And we had to let that food settle, so...yk...lots of waiting.... lol  They were pretty patient though, even Mariam, though no pic to prove it :)

2. And a pic of one of to-share dessert plates...samples of just about everything and oh so decadent! 

3. No pics at the water park, but there will be some before Summer's End... :)  But this was a FULL washer of our swim clothes and towels after the fact. LOL

4. And this was exhausted Mariam, zoned out into a video, after swimming all afternoon LOL Yes, we plan to do this many a day until said Summer's End :P

5. And this is what was for, quick, (and I didn't have to cook) and yes...bad bad bad mommy. :P  Yes, this will be addressed more in a later post...fair warning of mommy guilt ahead...

6.  So on to another topic:  I have a Procrastinator's "Spring Cleaning" AND Organizing Project pending for another blog day LOL  But for now, let me leave you with a new tip I accidentally discovered.  Yes, I am revealing a lot here....but after the crazy busy schedule I've had, should be more understanding and less judgemental (lol talking to myself, not really you :P ) Anyhoo...this is what my bathtub had become...ick..I know, but...when the shower gel bottle got knocked over and left to spill out, one busy morning...I found a new cheap cleaner.  It literally sat all day and took the soap scum away...rinse and go :)  Woohoo.

And 8.  La Piece de la Resistance (sp? lol no time to google)... I finally have had a bit of a green thumb...knock on wood LOL  I took a tiny little cut piece of another plant, and developed the roots in water like I used to see my mother do, and then as it began to grow, I replanted it in fresh soil, and voila!  I have a new plant. Yeah me!!!!  LOL  Perhaps I can dream big and actually do a window herb garden, and one day....yes one day...I shall have a backyard garden.  Sigh...but I digress....snicker away you ol' timer green thumbs....LOL  Ah, man I am getting so boring in my old age :P

UPDATE: Sigh, no one was paying attention to my  late-night trick there huh?  # 8?  Wha?? LOL

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h3 vol. 4

Literally.  Sunday we had our first summer visit to the water park, after our family reunion.  We mainly just all stay in the wave pool, which makes me nervous anyway.  But we love it when it's can host all of us...from the shallow end to the deep.  Mom and Dad can take turns hanging out w/ Mariam, then taking laps in the deep end with the older two.  But when the horn goes off signalling  wave-time, we make sure we have Mariam right by us or in arms, depending on how deep it is.  And I do a scan to locate the other two, just to make sure.  But what you never want to hear is the whistle and a sudden cessation of waves.  In the past 6 years living here and going each summer, we've only heard it a few times and it was never really serious.  But on Sunday, a little girl was caught in the deep end, pulling under.  Things happened fast.  Thank goodness for those quick, powerful-swimming lifeguards.  But before one could reach the little girl and pull her out, a man who looked to be in his mid-50s and possibly her grandfather, had been trying to save her...probably did save her.  He then swam to where he could stand and was breathing heavy and looked pale, and several us were asking him if he was okay.  He couldn't answer, but someone gave him a tube float to rest on until he could walk to the chairs.  The paramedics were called.  He had chest pain.  Turned out, someone said he'd already had heart surgery to put stents in.  They took him off to the hospital.  The little girl was fine, just shaken up.  And I haven't heard what happened to the man, but we said a prayer or two for him.  Just a stark reminder of water safety and how diligent we have to be.  Things can happen quickly in the water.  Be safe this summer!

Heart-cation :)
Yes, we are on vacation....or as I like to say "vacation" LOL What that means is that besides going to visit my family (bi-annual 10 hour drive) we will mostly be having a "staycation."  And even then we will somewhat be "on call."  And even more, ...we will be doing some major projects when we get back home (and aren't having 4th or family celebrations)....phew!  I'm tired from this vacation already lol. BUT......what makes it really a "heart-cation" is this:  hanging out with my sweet little family.  Daddy is with us each day, we're doing some fun stuff, the kids (granted, when not fighting lol) are fun and happy :) 

Heart check
At my parents' there is a closet known for one thing:  toys.  And not just any toys but a large stash of my old toys (which are intermingled w/ some of my brothers' toys because I played with them also lol, so we're talking 60's, 70's, and 80's here lol)  Hot Wheels cars, a pull-string Bugs Bunny, a few of my old dolls, and so much more.  But I loved most when Mariam discovered how to use the stethescope in my old Fisher Price doctor kit.  When she actually did hear a heart beat, she was amazed :)  I loved her expression.  Sorry, no pics!  But maybe I can search and find a play "midwife kit" somewhere? :P lol  Perhaps, besides being a dancing and singing star, Mariam has her career picked out already ;)  (by all of her moms...her adoptive, her bio, her ICAN mommies LOL etc...)  Anyhoo...

What's on  your heart? :)

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(Here's a partial list to get you started: heartbreaking, heartburning, heartening, heartfelt, heartless, heartpounding, heartrending, heartwarming, heartsick, heartstopping. I strongly encourage made up words, too.)

2) Tell a little about how each one is "on your heart" this week.

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5) Enjoy all the love.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Postcards from our Bi-annual Louisiana Trip

This has (SO FAR, let me be clear lol) been one of our best trips to see my fam (so far)....for many reasons...but here are my silly kids on our trip coming, making good time and having fun:

UPDATE:  I just realized that I never did any more "post cards" from our trip.  Well, 1.) that is because we didn't do anything exciting LOL We just sat around in the A/C instead of going out into 110 degree/99% humidity heat.  The kids played their games, we talked, watched tv or napped. LOL  Then 2.) you can see a few things in my vol. 4 Quick  Takes (which I think I make reference to this post, so what is that?  criss-cross tagging? LOL no idea...) and H3 vol 5 posts.  The most exciting thing was the worst LOL But there were blessings out of that so "it's all good." :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogging dismay and Procrastination

First off, just curiously checking on my stats:  getting more hits these days, probably thanks to Micaela, and also (mainly) trying my hand at 7 Quick Takes... but NO COMMENTS.  Even Sue is quiet.  What's UP peeps?  Be honest.  This is new territory for me.  I've put off blogging for years now...and I want to get better at it.  Is it my boring-ness?  Is it my grammar that's lacking (because I know it is LOL?)  Too many ellipses (Sue) or too many "LOL's"...I do this a lot too: "sighhh" LOL   Is it lack of content? LOL Or ....?  And Cindy, if you are reading this...TEXT ME or EMAIL ME NOW!!!! :P
Secondly, I am a Royal Procrastinator.  I am up at 3:15 a.m. catching up on laundry and dishes that have piled up for the past, ohhhh, 3 weeks...but mainly I'm just putting off going to bed for fear that a.) I will have forgotten to do something or b.) I will not be able to sleep and just lay there, tossing and c) related to a. and b., I have such a long to-do list tomorrow to get ready for our "vacation" (trip to see my folks) that it is clogging my mind, or clouding it, or...something, and so...yeh...a. leads to b. and creates c. LOL  I don't know.  Anyhoo...some day maybe I'll examine why I have been a lifelong procrastinator (not to be confused w/ Prognosticator LOL)  ....might have something to do w/ "fear of failure" or OCD/"perfectionism"/if it can't be perfect, give up mentality...or even laziness.  I don't know. LOL  But meanwhile, I'll be up til 3 am tomorrow as well, packing the bags.  Argh.  At least I got my sink back from this (argh, how do I turn it? note to self: remember the right way to turn your phone camera, sigh):


to this again: 


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Oh little Debby

...or however they are spelling it.  We spent the day swimming today out in drizzle...tropical type a la TS Debby.  Being an hour from the Gulf...we are getting much needed rain from her and thankfully no really bad stuff..for now.  Just waiting and watching if she will turn or what...but praying for the ones that ARE getting tornadoes and such.  May Debby be even less than she's cracked up to be.  And shhhh!  Don't talk about it to Mariam...she is sorely afraid of bad weather.

7 quick takes vol. 2

A little late and catching up... but here goes:

1. Was so glad last weekish (more like 2 weeks now) when our teens and Doug drove up on the big bus from CHWC in Chicago...they were tired but had such a great fact they've been on such a bonded high that as you will see further down, I utilized it...

2. Mariam sweetly (and repeatedly) asked me to paint her nails for her, so we had a little mommy-daughter bonding.  Of course a few days later (picture pending on that one...) she snuck the bottle for a little touch-up and spilled it all on Micah's bedroom carpet of our Rental House...sigh...bye-bye deposit.  Hot pink pics to come.

3. So, the teens had been back no more than 48ish hours, when I started putting them to work again :)  (and again...)  One full week of working in inner-city Chicago all day every day, to one full week of working at the church decorating for VBS in little ol' Dothan (unfortunately, this was about the only proof I got of them actually working :P ) another full week of VBS (further down...)

4.  In between weeks, I was excited to watch the now-famous Nik Wallenda walk across Niagra Falls on his tightrope.  Nervous, scared, thrilled.  I had seen an interview/story on him the night before, about how it was in his "blood" to do this, the story of his grandfather's amazed me.  So I gathered the kids around to watch....and they sort of took it in stride, as..."oh, okay, cool....whatever mom...." "Um, hello?  This is very dangerous, not been done, blah blah bah."  LOL  Well's the only sorry little photo I got out of it....a shot of his wife looking up, as he neared the end.  She was so relieved.  (Btw, he prayed the entire time he crossed, thanking his Father and Jesus...very interesting....)

5.  Then, it was back to business...and back to putting those teens to work. :)  We seriously could not have had such a successful VBS without our great teens.  Maybe I'll do a whole separate post on our "more Protestant-like" VBS this year :P  and it's success and joys.... but here is a great shot of our over 100 kids, in our "Sky" :)

6.  So, at the end of an exhausting 3 weeks, some of the teens threw a little party to celebrate (everyone was invited, but it was impromptu/last minute and not everyone could come...) and so Doug brought his little fam along, at least for a few hours, and so....each had their turn at the Wii Dance Central (or whichever dance one it was???) game....  Since I could not get a shot with each one (M, J, M, D and visiting cuz W) I will just post one of Big D gettin' his groove on, heehee... the teens LOVE it when he does :)  (and NO, I did not take a turn....however, I seriously want to buy this motion sensor thingie and several games...I think I have found our key to exercise/weight loss...stay tuned LOL)

7.  Speaking of dancing....the very next day, M and J were altar servers at sweet little Fillipino parishioner wedding at church.  I helped with kitchen duty a little, and so we all got to partake of a delicious meal, kids (M, J, M and cuz W)  all once again, got their groove on. LOL  Pumped by the night before, they were making requests and showing off dance moves.  I have great video of Mariam doing the electric slide.  She was really bustin' a move...or somethin' like that LOL 

Okay, I won't lie...I was disappointed that the Fillipino family did not prepare a traditional meal, but only catered.  One of my best friends is half-Fillipino, married to a full-Fillipino, and mother to my god-daughter...I have attended many Fillipino parties, and I know how good the food can be :)

Anyhoo....maybe this week's takes weren't as boring as last week's.  I will continue to improve, hopefully....but for to vacation (or possibly stay-cation, not sure yet...and if the former, only visiting family anyway LOL) for the next 2 weeks.  That doesn't mean I won't be blogging though. Hopefully, I will blog even more :D Cuz, I also plan to clean and organize the house, plan out our curriculum/schoolish type things for the next year, visit with friends and party and attend a few family reunions, starting today.... etc etc :)   Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Snapshot on a friday night lol

Since I never post those things like Snapshots on a Sunday etc...this was at a party we went to last night.  She has watched Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer so many times that she is constantly showing us her food "like Judy did" cuz yk...that makes it okay. Lol

Almost another That's What I Said

The Coming Persecution | Standing on my Head

But I was more of the "right"/neo con who was thinking bigger than what he said.  Very interesting thoughts here.  Maybe scarier than the "bigger."  What do you think?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless wednesday

Ok I can't be completely wordless :)  this is what has been keeping me so busy for 3 weeks.  Has been so exciting!  Over 100 kids and over 30 teen/adult helpers....

Monday, June 18, 2012


So I was just reminded that there was something fishy about starbucks and needed to avoid them...if anyone wondered about that in my Friday pic....I know now  sigh. Speaking of which....I fear great persecution coming for the Church over this issue.  Talking to a Catholic mom of a gay son,  I know there is room for improvement in how we deal with the whole issue beyond just marriage.  But yet we must stand firm in Truth about core issues.  Anyhoo..... makes me more glad that my almost "7th grader" (a generic label yet still makes me wanna sob lol) began Theology of the Body today.  

Anyhoo not much time to blog this week...sooo busy with our VBS this week (yes we Catholics can have fun too :p) .....more soon.... for now, discuss amongst yourselves that tight rope walker guy,huh?  Whaddaya think??

P.s. Please be in prayer for a dear friend who had a complete abruption over the weekend with he 5th (living) baby and would be 5th cesarean... :(  thank God she and he are alive but not without much trauma...and he is in nicu with some signs of ox. deprivation.  Oh those damn cesareans :(  she tried and worked so hard to birth her me its all she ever wanted.  They have a long road ahead...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Free entertainment on a Friday night

Yes folks....we are those people.  The ones you see at B&N who are sitting around for hours with kids running around :P. No I don't let them open sticker books and use up all the stickers without paying for them (at least I intercepted that from happening just now sigh). you can see...there is fun for the entire family..all ages lol. Its better than the library since you get coffee here and they play music and there is low volume noise and giggles lol. least our kids feel like they have actually gone somewhere and done something lol.  Now to convince doug to buy me this extreme survival  guide on is 2012 afterall :p. And gotta read some Max and Ruby to Mariam :)  Happy Friday!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Go vote!

Vote for my (famous) friend Pam's website!!!  And while you're at it, check out her other NEW project!!!  Real Mom Resources  Add your own blog posts!!

7 Quick Takes Friday

Trying my hand at my first Quick Takes ever, via Conversion Diary.  Woohoo!  It's short and not as neat as I'd like, but I'll improve.

 1. The kids' "healthy" salad for supper, sigh..yes that's Ranch dressing...yes, I know.

2. Flylady would be proud.
3.A healthy favorite, California style , and yes I ate it w/ my chopsticks. Be amazed, go ahead :P (this was supposed to go above, with the "salad" photo but for some reason I am having trouble figuring out my smartphone pic/picasa/instagram/blogger/uploading/syncing whatchamacallit.  I am a baby...I am
4. Our new glow in the dark brush,, when chewed by the dog, leaks glow in the dark gel...I wonder if Belle's teeth would glow if we turned the lights out.... brush is now in the trash.
5. Back to Saturday's Ordinations, this special little guy is Doug's godson Peter...the first child of the first priest ordained from the first class of the Anglican Ordinariate.  They have video of him crawling toward a prayer book...the kid has his work cut out for him! :)  And he's oh so cute and sweet to boot! lol

6. This was supposed to be top of my list, since it was from last Friday. (again, the whatchamacallit) At the time, it was a week late too.  It was "Pentecost sundaes" in honor of Pentecost Sunday.  It was just a few of us rare Catholic home schoolers here, and they were rather sad-looking, and I must say, I enjoyed last years' "sundaes" better :)  See more here  and  here (2 of my fav uber-Catholic mom sites lol)
7.  Sorry it's turned sideways, sigh whatchamalcallit again....Flylady would NOT be so proud., if there's one thing I do, it's stay on top of the laundry (seriously, sometimes it's the only thing I get to at the house, sigh)....but, when there is an item that has been outgrown and I say, "oh, I need to take that to charity," or maybe I want to save a special outfit and use the material for a recycle project of some sort (one day, I hope)...well, it gets thrown up into a sort of pile on the shelves in my laundry room.  So, there it is...just one more project weighing on my mind daily. LOL  And really it's a minor one in the scheme of least I could shut the door on that room if need be :P  (not brave enough to show you all the other projects yet!)

h3 (vol.3)

Heart's Desire

Along with the platitudes from earlier this week on my soul mate and partner in crime, Douglas, ( Gag, IKR? can you tell though that he's been gone for a week and gets back tomorrow/today!? :) ) I have to add how very much I was gifted with my "heart's desire"....of beautiful, amazing, wonderful kiddos.  All I really ever wanted to be growing up was a mommy.  I know, cliche' right?  But it's true.  Under-achiever? I think not.  I had other career ideas, but....nothing topped motherhood.  I've mentioned at the beginning of all my birth story sharing how I "just knew" I had birthing hips and was going to pop my babies out.  I literally would "play" giving birth with my friends, at times LOL when we played "house."  Oh sure, it was based on silly "birth" scenes I'd seen on tv (who else watched Dallas and other soap operas at too young an age in the '80s WITH your parents, and would NEVER let your children watch that smut now??? LOL) and involved a LOT of panting and "ow's" LOL Ugh.  But yeh....I was afraid of it, but "prepared." Unfortunately that means I figured I'd be one of those who wanted her epidural in the parking lot.  Gah!  But I digress....more birthy stuff later... While I never got to actually GIVE BIRTH the "right" way (my words) and will always grieve that (yes, it's okay to grieve that, many women do!), I did get my ultimate heart's desire.  My children and my vocation.  I do miss a few that are in heaven, you know that.  But...I was beyond blessed with the 3 living I have (so far?  maybe one day there will be more?  not sure...) and they do bring me SO much JOY.  When Doug and I met, we both sort of had this idea in our minds that, if this wasn't the "real deal", we'd scare the other one off by mentioning weddings and lots of children. LOL  Well, it backfired, or rather WORKED, for both of us....we were each others' "heart's desire."  The whole package.  We both wanted a big family, and even knew no matter what, we wanted to adopt.  We just didn't know the "no matter what" would work out the way that it did....but "all things work together for good."  And I pray for many more years of  Joy and Desire :P  Above is the pic I really wanted to upload yesterday but wasn't able to yet.  And you can see my other little "joys" in the margin to the left <----- :)  Now.....pray that I can also be my heart's desire of a GOOD, CALM, PEACEFUL, GENTLE, ATTACHED, AWARE, INVOLVED, HOMESCHOOLING, PRAYERFUL, HOLY mother to them all!  I have not felt calm enough this week, or for a while even, and know I  yell too much!  Lord, mold and shape this lump of clay into YOUR IMAGE!!  

A Heart "CAN"

I have mentioned and will continue to mention part of my other many passions :).... ICAN  and all manner of birth activism, for better safer birth for mothers; infant loss; ppd and ptsd; doula care and midwifery care; and so much more.  And hopefully you've noticed my PINK KIT banner in the upper right hand margin :)  I am working on a post about it for later.  Stay tuned....  Well anyway, you also may know that I am the (struggling) leader of our local ICAN chapter, which I really really hope to do a better job on that really soon. (Like put up flyers, start a bank account, get my EIN, so much more...)  I am glad I have been able to help a few VBAC moms here and there, despite my failings.  Each one reach one, right?  And I have an awesome co-leader (which I keep forgetting to get signed up w/ her free membership we won last year, grr!)  But I digress.... I am excited to say that I sent in my app and was allowed to be the 2013 Conference Speaker Hospitality Chair :)  I am so excited!  I am good at hospitality (especially with other people's money, ....cuz I don't usually have any money to DO hospitality LOL.)  And I love it.  I am also a good mediator.  I can make decisions about other people's stuff, just not my own :)  I can make phone calls that are not personal to me or involve a bank, a bill, or a doctor. :)  Ha!  But seriously, I hope that I can do a good job and am excited about the 2013 Conference next year in Seattle.  I've never been to the West Coast, so that will be super uber exciting!  And this will be my third conference to attend.  My first was super (uber) emotional and hard.  I was about 3 years out from my tragedy w/ Noah, and had a one year old Mariam in tow, so it was hard to fully experience it and appreciate it.  I was mainly there to meet in person for the first time some of my very favorite people on Earth, whom I'd already known online for several years and who had seen me through my grief.  It was bittersweet.  Somewhat painful.  Somewhat disappointing.  But...I didn't give up hope.  And at the end of it, I made the decision to start my own chapter and dive even stronger into birth work.  I found that I had NOT been able to give it up passion was reignited.  And so,...I attended the next conference 2 years later, on FIRE!  I was fully present, listening to speakers, and brainstorming.  But also healing.   I recommitted my passion for ICAN.  And now...this year?  I am even considering preparing some session ideas with some other mommas and I am again, so excited to be Hospitality Chair, and greet our speakers and make them feel welcome and comfortable.  I have some shopping to do (via phone) too, woohoo!  What's not to love! :)  So...stay tuned, as always.... 

Heart Health

Sometimes "heart health" means spiritual, and sometimes it means emotional/relational, and sometimes it means physical.  Here, I am thinking of the physical.  It's an emotional topic for me.  I feel like I do not want to go public with my weight struggle any more, because....I did that last year on FB and with locals, and after 4 months, crashed and burned. AWKWARD!  Sigh.  I've struggled with my weight and food issues my entire life.  So has Doug.  And now, so do our kids.  I do not know why this is SO HARD for us.  But it just is. I've whined and cried so much about it all.  I am fearful to do that again, (and again) for fear of MORE judgement from others.  But...mostly it's my own judgement of myself, I know.  My vain worries about what other people think of me.  But I AM worried ....I DO worry about my family's health.  We ARE trying.  We try, and fail, and get back up again.  It's all I can do...okay, I know...the tough love says, you don't "try", you "do." pray for us that we CAN "do"....because we DO want to be Heart Healthy so that we can live long happy lives here on earth, God-willing, in service to Him and others.  May HE be glorified!  So thanks for "listening" to my struggles, and ...say it with me, "stay tuned" :).... I hope to share all along a VICTORY in this battle.  (No plan sharing for now, sorry!)

Mother Teresa, pray for us!!

If you want to share your h3 as well, check it out and link back/share with me and Micaela!  (she really needs a widget for easier URL sharing, huh?  hmm...)

what's on your heart? :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

That's What I Said!

Do you always feel that way?  Someone says something and gets credit for the very thought YOU thought of FIRST?  It's my own fault...I don't go immediately write it down and publish it somewhere.  So how can I complain..."whiner!", I say to myself.  Pshh! first installment of "That's What I Said!" is here:

I read this article by Dr. Albert Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Convention (of which I grew up being a member) and I said, "wow!  They are finally coming around!  And this just may be the thing that leads to uniting us Christians."  Any time Dr. Mohler is speaking on moral issues, my "ears" perk up...ok, my eyes do, when I see him on Facebook. LOL  I can tell he is a deep (Baptist) thinker.  I appreciate it.  I do think, though, where he errs is when he says this:
 At the same time, even as evangelical Christians are helpfully informed by the natural law, our mode of moral reasoning must be deeply biblical, and the Bible must be the ruling authority. For most evangelicals, the major break with Catholic teaching comes at the insistence that "it is necessary that each conjugal act remain ordained in itself to the procreating of human life." That is, that every act of marital intercourse must be fully and equally open to the gift of children. This claims too much, and places inordinate importance on individual acts of sexual intercourse, rather than the larger integrity of the conjugal bond.

Ugh.  Give an inch, they'll take a mile Dr. Mohler.  But that's not the point of my "ugh."  No...really it is a slippish on morality...that leads to the infamous slippery slope.  How is that biblical, kind sir?  Be fruitful and multiply.  Sin of Onan. Yadda Yadda.  If you don't want or need babies at a certain time, do as Paul recommends and "take a break" to greatly paraphrase. LOL  Which is exactly what NFP can do for couples, by the by.  Oh yes, it can, yes it can.  Ask me. ( and too, you err where you say:
 Looking at the Catholic position helps, but evangelicals must also think for themselves, reasoning from the Scriptures in a careful consideration.
This, I know well, is the evangelical/protestant mindset.  As he said very early in his article, paraphrasing, they don't even have a specific "theology" on all of this stuff.  Why?  Because of what he says here...everyone is expected to "think for themselves."  Okay, yes... know that sounds good and all....but....private interpretation of all things theological is what got us in the mess that Christianity is today, with over 80, 000 different denominations all claiming various different beliefs, or some very very similar and they don't even know it.  And, as in my own conversion, what it all comes down to is "by WHO's Authority shall we KNOW the Truth?"  Yes, the Holy Spirit....but working through HIS CHURCH.  Why?  Because the "gates of hell shall not prevail against" Her.  Because Jesus LITERALLY (and figuratively) handed Peter the "keys" to the Kingdom. Because EVERY one needs a leader....a physical human leader, just like our own nation, and every nation on earth, good or bad.....but the Church, we needed one too, in God's  own design, and in his own words, we needed someONE here on earth to be Christ's representative and "right-hand man" so-to-speak.  Okay, you can read more on this elsewhere and all about the Magisterium and why. (Also try here )  My point is...Christ gave us a protector, to keep us all from splitting in a million.  Well, was supposed to...and is still there...the gates have not prevailed...some are just outside the Church, and split...into a million.  Do we have a conscience to follow? yes!  Does the Holy Spirit guide each individual Christian in a personal way?  Yes!  But when that "guidance" begins to stray far from the entire fold...and the historical, biblical Traditions of the leads...well, astray.  That's not to say the Church doesn't need reform and discipline itself from time to time (from Luther to recent scandals.)  But...core teachings have remained for 2000 years.  And that is my mini-synopsis of the Faith and the Split and our Division and History and all that good stuff. LOL

But getting back to "just" Biblical standards... when Mohler says:
Fourth, Christian couples are not ordered by Scripture to maximize the largest number of children that could be conceived. Given our general state of health in advanced societies, a couple who marries in their early twenties and has a healthy and regular sex life could well produce over fifteen offspring before the wife passes her early forties. Such families should be rightly honored, but this level of reproduction is certainly not mandated by the Bible.

He makes quite the stretch.  No, certainly "be fruitful and multiply" and the blessings of the "arrows" did not "mandate" or "force" a certain high number of children per couple.  Neither did the Church or Pope say that either.  And NFP does not result in that either.  But all of our "advances" in health and society have gotten us to where?  A dying (human) race in many areas. And so, he ends rather quickly by adding what amounts to an "okay" to contracepting.  What little he mentions on the controversy of contracepting vs. abortificients leaves SO much room for error, and
But I digress.   Just how did someone jump the gun on me?  Well, someone far smarter and ....well, yeh, just leave it at smarter LOL....wrote an article about it here 
And now I have had this in draft for so long that its pointless lol so I am just going to messily (that's a word right? Meaning unedited lol) post it anyway. In fact, in the amount of time it took me to work on it the Southern Baptist Convention elected its first ever black president, making big news since it is mostly Southern white men who rule the roost there lol. I will save this topic for another post ...but someone will probably say what I want to say better than I would have before I get to it lol

15 years of this Roller Coaster Ride :)

You know when I mentioned that heart "fonderer" stuff here the other day?  Well....more reason:  today we celebrate 15 years of Holy (happy) Matrimony (Batman!) :)  Here's what I wrote on FB:
‎15 years ago I married my Knight in Shining Armor and best friend :) Doug Martin I'd climb over that 8ft fence all over again, to ride the greatest roller coaster ever :P I don't care if you are at CHWC every year on our anniversary, because a) it's worth it and b) everyday is a celebration for us :) I knew 15 years (and 8 months) ago that we would be in by calling, and me by default calling :) Michelle Sutton said, (paraphrasing lol) it's like the military :) you don't always celebrate your birthday or anniversaries together, but doesn't matter......and me! ♥

I'll tell you about the 8ft fence, roller coaster and 8 months one day.  For now, I am exhausted and off to bed after an eventful evening w/ Jillian.  She fell in Walmart sigh...and it was my fault.  She was wearing those Birkenstocks I bought her...which were not molded to her I was warned....and ....she said they were hurting her feet.....and....she wanted to walk in her sock feet in Walmart....and....I figured she wanted to show off her cool blue zebra print toe socks anyway......and....after some perusing I realized I needed to hurry to my next I hurried her....she wasn't running though, just walking fast....and.....she slipped, feet just completely from underneath, flat on her back.......and for several long minutes, it'd knocked the wind out of her, she hit so hard.  She couldn't catch her breath and began crying in her hard way.  It probably scared the Walmart staff more than me...I felt she was okay, just in pain....but I was afraid she'd cracked her tailbone.  And....I've always felt that I cracked mine at her age too, but never got it x-rayed.  I remember it being very painful....and re-injuring it several times through the years.  I remember being in so much pain, I could not bend over to pick up my golf ball at Putt-Putt.  And I've always wondered if that was something that affected my labors.....and why the Pink Kit revealed a "wonky" shaped (my words) pelvis.  So....ALL of these thoughts were swirling in my mind as she cried.  They filled out an accident report to cover themselves.  Understandably.  One of the employees saw it happen.  Nothing was their fault.  Fault was all mine (mommy guilt.)  They found a wheelchair and wheeled her to the van.  And then, I took her to the ER.  I just did not want to get home and regret not going in to get her checked out.  What IF....there was a more serious spinal injury?  What IF...she could benefit from some therapy or something?  etc etc  They breaks.  Just a bruised (compressed?) tailbone.  Phew!  I did get her the liquid lortab, for pain....because I remember that pain.  It's worth it, if she needs it.  Though I pray she won't.  We'll see how she is tomorrow.  Thank you God for insurance for the kids!  Now...please pray for Jillian.  She does seem to be accident prone....and she knows it...  She feels so "unlucky." :(  It breaks my heart.  And I know that I need to get my butt in gear still and get our family in shape.  That would help.  So....pray for me.  Thanks!

Doug left a message tonight for Jillian, voice breaking, that he loves her and is so sorry she got hurt.  Seems the teens and all had an emotional night tonight.  I know lives will be changed!  Pray for them.  And Doug says he has a girl in his group that reminds him a lot of Jillian.  :)  Our sensitive, loving, gentle, courageous, dramatic, funny, beautiful "Baby G"....who is going to be 10 years old in a few short months.    Time flies....thank you Doug for coming into my life and giving me our beautiful children!  I pray for at LEAST 60 more  years :P  Love you so much!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What j is working on

While I work on vbs stuff she is designing a tshiRt :)  and I am trying out my blogger from my uber smart fun lol

Monday, June 4, 2012


Today...Monday...was a day of "attempts" sigh.  (yes, by my "sigh" I give it away...not gonna be good.)  I ATTEMPTED to get up early (after a night of my mind going a million miles a minute and therefor, not much sleep) and ATTEMPTED to get up to the church to discuss VBS decorations with Jan and do more planning on VBS.  I got about one thing accomplished, and not much to speak of. (Nevermind, that I didn't even ATTEMPT to make it to a Mommy and Me lunch date, sigh)  Then, I ATTEMPTED to go cheap on lunch, while out and about and on the run, w/ 4 kids in tow (said nephew, who btw WAS happy about his tooth fairy money ;) and quickly.  With no air conditioning in the van, we HAD to go inside the restaurant, where Mariam had to shout every other word, and sit in a booster only because I convinced her she was too big for a high chair, all because there was a BABY in the room, which his mom promptly and curtly told Mariam not to touch unless she washed her hands (eh, understood) LOL and....etc etc  Then, I ATTEMPTED to "just run in a minute" to the thrift store to check on a few things I had my eye on, but wouldn't you know it, EVERYTHING in the store was 50% off today until 3pm!!!!  eek!  I got a pair of Birkenstocks for Jillian which she swore were VERY comfortable (I know they aren't molded to HER foot, but eh...) and I got a Tyler Rodan brown leather purse for $4 which I love, and a few other "necessities" ...........I shoulda got that Vera Bradley purse for like $3 too...but that would be greedy of me ..I just needed ONE good all weather/purpose purse (with LOTS of different compartments, squeee!), I ATTEMPTED to once again work on VBS stuff, but an afternoon water play session ("Mom, we need another towel!!" "Mom, I need more dry clothes!" "MOM!!!!") presented much interruption,  Next, I ATTEMPTED to order pizza online, but in the amount of time it took me to decide, I talked myself out of wasting more money, and we had nachos.  Then, I ATTEMPTED to do some cleaning....we won't go there.  Then, I ATTEMPTED to take whining children to the park, but waited too late for the Rotary Miracle playground (yes it was sundown by this point,sigh), so ATTEMPTED to take everyone's picture at the other park for a blog post brewing in my head....until I couldn't find Micah....and ATTEMPTED to call him....and call him.....and......he finally was found on the other side of the bathrooms behind bushes, hiding from said nephew.  GRRR!  I had just told them not to go where I couldn't see them, it was getting too dark.  He didn't hear me.  He was sorry.  But I ...was done. Sigh.  It had shaken me....angered me....and I was already frustrated by the day.  Mariam was tired from no nap and whiny. I am...ATTEMPTING to do more work on VBS stuff, and talking myself out of waiting until tomorrow.  ATTEMPTING to convince myself to go ahead and do a load of dishes, even if it makes noise that might wake sleeping children.  Easy.  And...ATTEMPTING to now force myself to go to bed and pray for good sleep, so I can get up in the very early morning (for me) and go pick blueberries with friends!  Here's hoping tomorrow is not just another day of ATTEMPTS.  (please!)  So much to little time....but glad Doug and the teens are having a great time.  Buenos Noches! (and prayers for everyone!)


Heart Fairy

Well....technically a substitute "tooth fairy" last night :P's for my nephew..and I love my nephews (and nieces)...and when they stay with us.  Tonight, said nephew lost a tooth (he's 7) and then...we rubbed off on him I guess lol and he literally lost we wrote the tooth fairy a note...Jillian helped him... "Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth and can I still have some money because I really want some money.  Love, Wesley"

Now, I texted his mom and asked how much to give....but she surely isn't still awake as late as I am the going-rate here turned out to be $3... inflation really hit when my kids came along (and heard how much their cousins were getting...this began about 6 or 7 yrs ago...)...and they get a LOT more than I used to get, let me tell you (we're talking pocket change, though mostly quarters.)  And yes...the tooth fairy is one of our "guilty pleasures"...on the one hand, I feel too "secular" doing it...on the other, I think of Tolkien and other childhood fantasies that are fun....and say why not?  eh...only one more kid to go and so far no permanent damage.......but anyway, my older two know the TRUTH now, and well....said nephew does not :)  So I got to "play" a little tonight.  And I loved it...and dear nephew will love the $3 (well, hopefully his normal tooth fairy wouldn't dream of giving him more than that per tooth! :P) 


This past Saturday, I was blessed to be able to attend and take Micah to our diocese's Ordination Mass for this year.  5 Seminarians and 1 (the 1st in the USA! our good friend Father Matthew Venuti) Anglican Ordinariate became Catholic priests!  (you will be hearing more on that in the future) And one new deacon!  I rode down with a friend and 3 other kids to Mobile ("on a 3 hr tour, a 3 hour tour.." lol) ...the Cathedral was so beautiful (did you see October Baby?  yeh, the one she goes in to pray... :)  it's a minor Basilica...if you don't know about this rare honor (well rare as in over 1500 in the world), read here , down to the honor bestowed by the Pope.  Anyway....this Mass had all the "bells and smells" :)  which means, to me, it was BEAUTIFUL and awe-inspiring.  

Heart Fonderer(erer..)

A stretch? lol's my thinking... "absence makes the heart grow fonder" heart is growing,..."fonderer and fonderer" this week :P LOL    ..........Because it is Catholic HEART Workcamp week, which means Doug is gone for a week, taking our kids to Chicago this year.  It's an amazing time for the teens...and adults too, as they watch the teens go through it....  And this year is extra special being in Chicago...just sounds more fun in the "windy city" than the sweltering hot places they've been before LOL   But don't sleep well the weeks Doug is gone...and yes, I miss the "ol' man" :P heart is growing......fonderer :P  BTW the pic is us on our honeymoon....see the GLOW on our faces :)  Ahh...l'amore!  lol 

Now, check out Micaela's  h3  :)  What's on YOUR "heart" today?