Sunday, July 8, 2012

h3 vol. 5

So, as I've been saying, we had the trip to see family for our "vacation" (see me doing the quotations with my fingers every time??) and yes, it's a long trip and there are always issues, but this was one of our best visits for many reasons.  We just relaxed and had no pressure on us, we just were ourselves, and Mariam was great.  We got to see everyone pretty much, and I even started to learn how to knit.  My sister-in-law who was teaching me is going to set up Skype so we can skype with my parents, but I think I'll try to get my knitting stash going and see if she can work on lessons with me and Jillian that way some times LOL  Anyway, here's hoping our Christmas bi-annual trip goes as well... :)  Yk I'll be letting you know. :P  

Notice I didn't add any Fourth festivities to my 7 Quick Takes like most others?  Because it was pretty event-less.  You can imagine how tired we were from all of our travels.  And it was a little rainy, and did I mention we were tired.   Doug did grill a mess of meat and we hung out with family, and oh yeh, remember the kids were popping firecrackers while I fretted. :P  But it was nice just to relax and lay around and be with the other side of the family some.  I didn't get any of my cutesy red, white and blue type dessert recipes made though.  Bummer.  Well, there's always...another year. :P  Gee, the more I blog the more boring we sound. LOL  We do enjoy ourselves though, together. LOL

It was back to the pool on our last day of said "vacation" today :)  No pics, maybe tomorrow I will catch some of our sunburns...eesh.  We always think we have enough sunscreen on, and miss spots.  We always forget to re-apply.  But...regardless, we had a lot of fun...again...together.  Just our little fam.  And we have a LOT of fun planned with church activities coming up beginning this stay tuned.  As always, from my heart to yours....

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