Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Virtual 5K Update 2

I know it's early but....Smurf Dancing.  That's all I got to say. LOL

So, besides more swimming and wave pool (woot!) ....the kids and I have been rockin' out with the Smurfs.  No, really.  This IS exercise.  LOL

Since we couldn't buy the fancy equipment that goes with most of the Dancy Party (whatever they are called) games.... and since we were using the Buy 2, Get 1 deal at Gamestop and needed to pick out one of the used games for Mariam....we chose the Smurfs Dance Party game for our Wii.  And the whole fam loves it LOL  We compete.  I did beat Micah 3 songs in a row.  But that is all. LOL  If you really keep up, it's a workout...just like any of the other games, if maybe a TAD easier.   It's no zumba, has some zumba-inspired moves.  It's enough for us, for now anyway.  And it's fun!  So score!

Next on the agenda is still to get ourselves somehow out of the A/C (and pool) into the 100 degree weather TO the actual park to WALK.  Maybe take Belle along on the leash.  No, maybe just the neighborhood.... not sure yet.  Wish me luck.... (does it count as exercise/burning calories if you have sweated all day from the sheer HEAT outside?? and an A/C at the house that is not working up to par?? wahhh!  nothing like Cari is going through, even way up NORTH LOL But still...)

For more updates, go here.

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