Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker firecracker, boom boom boom!

So Happy 4th to everyone!  We celebrate our freedom in this great nation, as we celebrate it's birthday.    We were blessed with good food and good family time (ribs, watermelon and homemade ice cream were my favs :)  But it seems daily our freedoms are being taken away.  I will save that for another post though.  Just wanted to show you what I look, or at least FEEL like when my children are shooting firecrackers in the driveway with their father :P  LOL  

Basically, I grew up w/ NO FIRECRACKERS and NO EXPERIENCE holding or playing with FIRE! :P  Doug was PLAYING with M80s when he was a little boy, blowing up who knows what.  But, alas, once again, my kids had a grand ol' time, and they came out totally unscathed, and even Mariam was unafraid this year and held sparklers.  I'm glad they have fun...I'm glad Doug knows what he's doing...I just kinda wish I could bury my head in the sand until it's over :D   So, does your family play with, I mean pop firecrackers (fireworks, whatever you call them, ...)  

P.S.  The subject heading is another one of those things our family does, along w/ the singing...cute little phrases...over and over and over....sometimes because it's stuck in our head, sometimes because it's fun to annoy LOL  It's easy to get Mariam going "Firecracker, firecracker, boom-boom-boom!"  or "Crybaby, crybaby, suck your thumb, wash it down with bubble gum" LOL  Ask Jillian about that and how much she loves to hear Mariam say it 300 times. :) 

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