Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's What We Do

First post in a series I will call "It's What We Do"....particularly thinking of things that seem uniquely "ours" to our family.  Things we do.  Silly or not.  Maybe bad habits.  Or not.  Like for instance, we sing a lot. LOL  In the car, on long or short trips, in the shower, in the house, in the kitchen, ...anywhere.... catchy tunes, broadway tunes, annoying tunes lol, hymns, praise and worship....and sometimes, just to play our little "game", where we TRY to get an annoying chorus or tune in each others' head.  You know, kinda like George described in Seinfeld,  "Co-stanza!" ("By Mennen!") LOL  (couldn't find the link I wanted, where he tries to get "inside" the head of a girl he likes by saying his name like the "By Mennen!" commerials of the 70's and 80's...."You know they way I work, I'm like a commercial jingle. First its a little irritating, then you hear it a few times, you hum it in the shower, by the third date its 'By Mennen'"! LOL)   Maybe a commercial's famous tune, like "Delta...we loooove to flyyy and it shows". Ok I am aging myself here...but anyhoo, the latest tunes stuck in our collective heads are the VBS songs :)  "I will SOARRRR, I will FLyyyy...NOthing IS IMpossiBLE with Godddd" and "I'll Fly Away Old Glory...I'll Fly Away..." over and over and over again, sometimes with hand gestures and dance :)  Or and oldie between Doug and me is any tune from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  :)  It's fun.  We don't care how silly we sound or look.   Does your family do that?  As an aside but related, when Mariam was a baby, sometimes, especially on car rides, singing songs was the only thing that would calm her or help her go to sleep :)  She was very attuned to music from a very young age.  And she has such a natural feel for the beat.  I have got to get her in dance and gymnastics ASAP!  Anyhoo....long car ride tomorrow, what will we sing? Hmmm.... :)

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