Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring 2010 update

well gee...i'm behind again :P surprise surprise LOL   let's see...Christmas was great, New Years', can't remember January, February we got our tax refund and went to Disney woohoo!!!!!  We had such a good time, we can't wait to go again...and we will later this year.  We volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and earned a free ticket for each of us to Disney, so we'll go in the fall.  And the kids had so much fun (painting walls lol) that we hope and plan to work more for HfH :)   I told them to put us on the list.  The kids finished up their church league basketball seasons and loved it.  We had a horrible bout of stomach flu, the whole family got it, eww.  lol Oh and we enjoyed "the Big Snow of 2010" :)  and making fun of global warming (or else fearing another Ice Age :) was so fun watching the kids play in it :)   We've had some fun times w/ homeschooling too and our homeschool groups.  Micah is doing science w/ Whiz Kids and Jillian is enjoying Math :)  And we finally organized our Wiregrass Catholic Homeschool group :)  We just did our own Stations of the Cross on Friday :)  And Micah is enjoying learning American History.  He really got the bug when he enjoyed the Hall of Presidents at Disney :)  But umm, he thinks Prez Obama is the bomb now too, thanks to the new Obama in it LOL :P  dang!  Speaking of whom, grrrrr on the health care bill sigh...  fears for our nation have spurred much activity on my Catholic Homesteading list, where they are prepping for the worst  :)  I so wish I could get a garden going and have some animals...but I can barely handle the daily house upkeep, etc lol...can't add those things....

Oh gee, forgot to say too, we bought a business :)  We now own Martin Specialty Advertising, Inc. "Your Promotional Products Headquarters" :)  :)  It's going well so far ...we just have a lot to catch up on after some slow weeks of either being out of town or sick or xyz but we'll get there :)

Speaking of sickness, I am just still recovering from my first case of Strep/Tonsillitis in about 15 yrs or more LOL  ugh.  And Jillian got a thankfully milder case of it.  Hopefully no one else will for Holy Week....which began today with a beautiful Palm Sunday :)  I went w/ Micah this morning (Doug had to go for Lifeteen tonight) and it was just beautiful!

I need to post a whole post to itself on my Cursillo weekend last week :)   De Colores!  It was amazing and I am changed.

Well, maybe you are caught on to a busy Holy Week....a glorious Easter...Jillian's prep for First Communion, more homeschool stuff, field trips, etc etc etc :)