Monday, July 9, 2012

Sue does it again :)

Sue Elvis Writes: The Value of Not Suffering

Oh Sue, you have done it again...expressed my thoughts WAY better than I could ever.  Being a convert, the concept of suffering and offering up was new for me.  But has been a lovely enlightenment and process. of those types of bittersweet beauty.  Of course, I/we have suffered too.  The loss of Noah being foremost, and our loss of having more naturally, and my health stuff.  But then, out of suffering came much joy, namely Mariam.


  1. Amanda,

    Thank you for the link to my post and your kind words!! I never really thought about the meaning of suffering until Thomas died. It was consoling to learn that suffering has value. As you said: bittersweet!

    Is that a photo of little Noah's hand? So tiny and precious!

    God bless you.

  2. Yes, and it never hit me just how white and shriveled (with purple nails)it was by that time already until today :( I have a black and white I usually look at, and it just looks like a normal newborn's hand. He'd been in the freezer by then...I was so out of it for a few days,well...three to be exact, in ICU that they brought him to me a few times, but it's so very hard to remember much of my time with him. I know Doug had me unwrap his toes and look at them. But my main memory is of him on my felt like he was just sleeping. Bless you too Sue!

    1. Amanda,

      I forgot to unwrap Thomas' toes and look at them. It was so hard to remember to do everything while I had the chance and I wasn't even in ICU like you. I guess we will always have a few regrets but I have learnt to be grateful for what I have. A few months ago, I was looking at some photos of Thomas. Andy was holding him while he died, and there in the photo we could see Thomas' foot! It was a bit blurry but we saw his toes!

      "But my main memory is of him on my felt like he was just sleeping." That's a beautiful memory, Amanda!

      God bless!