Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday vol. 5

I am READY this week:) 

1. First and Foremost, Hubby earned some brownie points this week :)  Squeeee!  And they're even lovelier now, after a few days in water, as they've opened up more :) :) :)

2. More swimming this week :)  4 hours in one day will exhaust EVERY ONE in this family, especially this little girl :)  She fell out  very shortly after these pics... She passed a milestone or two that night though.  She got over her fear of putting her head under the water and learned to hold her breath properly.  And she learned how to jump and float with each wave, and most especially, she went down the Elephant slide in the kiddie pool LOL  Which the really funny thing is she went down the big grown up mat slides before she would the kiddie one LOL  But once she got it down, she went down it again and again and ....  But if we can keep this up at LEAST 3 to 4 times each week for the next 5 weeks (that's as long as it's open weekly, then will go to weekends until Labor Day) we can get some good training in for our Virtual 5K.  The two older kids are swimming a LOT when we go, they are getting so good!  And we take turns during the "no-waves" time to swim some laps.  Heck, just keeping up w/ Mariam in the waves is a workout!  She likes to have us lift her up and "throw her" (not really lol) ...I was using her for my "strength training" LOL

2. cont'd....chicken! (and I can barely keep my eyes open to eat it LOL)

3.  After swimming....Yummo!

3.  cont'd And Hubby cooked us something very tasty and healthy (no carbs) too!  woot woot!  More brownie points LOL  He's on a roll....

4.  But, I publicly hang my head in shame to share this very interesting new menu item at Burger King.  They had a new Summer Southern-type menu (Memphis BBQ etc), and by golly, I HAD to try this...  I had seen chocolate covered bacon on the FoodNetwork, and seriously thought about making it and selling it down here somehow LOL  I mean, c'mon... it's bacon.  It's the South.  Ya' can't go wrong.  I think chocolate is the only thing that would make this better. (Well, maybe that and home made ice cream instead of just soft-serve :P )  It had caramel though, which was yummy too.  

5.  Mariam asked me to take her pic while we were playing Littlest Pet Shop LOL  Her leaning into the pic, I can hear in my head the sound effect of a cartoon character easing up into the frame....wnnnh.  We made some videos again, but they don't compare to our Angry Birds' videos.  I need to figure out how to post videos on here, or at least youtube.. Of course, just about every video starts with Mariam impatiently nagging me to "video it!" (waiting for me to switch my camera to video and start recording) and then they end with her saying something not in our "play" like maybe including the word "butt" in it or "stupid" sigh.  We're working on her acquired vocabulary, believe me!  Oh well LOL We do have fun together though :P

6.  I had a lovely girls' night out this week at a friend's house for my first ever Stampin' Up party.  If you don't know what it is, check the link's basically a crafter's dream LOL  You can make your own cards for any occasion, or gift tags, or labels for home made items (any etsy sellers out there? mmhmm) or...the sky's the limit.  Then, they also have scrapbooking items and more.  I'd heard about them, and I think they are the company, but I bought a religious stamping set used off the cathswap homeschool list once too, but it's still packed away in a box somewhere LOL  Which,...brings me to my issue.  I love this stuff.  I do...I love sitting for hours doing crafting of any sort.  But...not when I have noisy demanding little ones around.  Not when I have a million other things going on at once.  Not when I am persistently chronically disorganized.  Sigh.  It's really the same w/ my desire to knit/sew/embroider/quilt/scrapbook/can and preserve/cook from scratch/etc etc etc  But when I can go away from my home and dear little ones, and just have quiet "me" time I guess you'd say, it's perfect.  With a few friends, even better!  So, my friend plans to make it a regular thing and let me come over and "play" with her stampin' collection.  Yeah me! :)  And maybe, just maybe, I will get my own collection going and start making beautiful hand-made creations like this one above :)  Who'd like to get this card in the mail?  Or rather, who wouldn't?? :)  And it was so easy, if only a little time-consuming...  

And 7.  The thing that mostly kept me busy this week.  And that had me out til after 1 AM tonight.  And has my feet, my back, my everything hurting or aching or puffy.  But was so. worth. it.   The 2nd annual Seminarian dinner put on by our wonderful Knights of Columbus group.  And since I am our parish kitchen and Hall coordinator, I like to make sure everything is in order, help them as much as I can, and stay in my "comfort zone" which is the kitchen :)  Coffee, tea, food and dish duty, plus anything else like linens and flowers or ANYthing they need me to.  Love it... Hospitality is my thing, as I've mentioned before.  And though I might like to talk to a few people, schmooze w/ the priests, seminarians and Archbishop a little....frankly, I am more comfortable NOT having to make idle chit-chat (which Hubster is good at!) and avoid awkward pauses :)  I am an introvert afterall.  People wear me out.  I love them, don't get me wrong.  One of my love languages is service. :)  So...I do what I do.   Anyhoo, this was the parish Hall when ready to serve over 200 guests....   
And this was it with said over-200 guests, while our wonderful Bishop was speaking :)  I sat down in one of the few free seats for just a moment to rest my aching piggies. :)  But just let me say, it was SO wonderful what he had to say, and then listening to each of the 15 young seminarians introduce themselves and tell their story of discernment.  Yes, we had 15 this year, more than last...and each were given a donation of $500 thanks to the generous parishioners who bought tickets to the dinner.  It was so wonderful, I can't explain meet our future priests (this is only half of our diocese's Seminarians, but many of the "older" ones were off at assignments etc) and...for our wonderful teens, who helped bus tables, to hear their stories.  "I never thought I'd become a priest...I said 'no way, not me'" etc etc  They were just "normal" "average" guys...who answered a calling, a tugging in their hearts, a Voice that rang clearly...they said "yes!"  Chills.  Praying for several of specific teens who could be discerning calls too.  Lord, let it be done, according to Your Will!

And...lest we forget....we Catholics know how to party! :P  LOL  We had this, and Lager, and red and white wine selections...yes,  a good time was had by all, safely and  prudently :)  (Well, we won't talk about Mr. Magoo, bless him...and that's all I have to say about that. :D.................  But you really should talk to your own KOC group and do something like's a wonderful parish event!  Have a great weekend y'all!

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