Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Favorite Things vol. 1

There's probably some better blogger out there w/ a better blog theme than this but same idea.  Anyhoo...first in a series of current favorite things I've experienced this week:

A Few of My Favorite Things...
(not like Oprah's list, fyi)
just 5 (or 6 in this case :p) things that you can think of or that happened THIS WEEK that are favorites...persons, places, things, etc :)

1. So many things about Mariam, but that she still runs to Mommy to comfort her boo-boo's or when she's scared.  She tries to be so independent already...4 going on 15 someone said this week :P  But she still likes to snuggle in bed w/ me, give me big wet kisses, put a band-aid on her boo-boo, etc :)  (she still really needs a nap each afternoon too! lol)

2. Learning to knit with my Sister-in-Law...well one of them...only got to see her briefly one afternoon on our trip, but she ever-so patiently explained knit and pearl stitches to me and I DID IT!  Woohoo.  Best way I learn is to DO.  And I did!  I'm ready to invest in some materials and a learner pattern, and try to start w/ Jillian....will post when I do.  No pics, wish I had thought of it...I did several rows of her new future prayer shawl she is making for herself w/ some pretty pink/white yarn.  I was gifted with one myself, when we lost Noah...and it is also one of my favorite things.....

3.  That prayer shawl was made for me and given to me by ladies we knew from Doug's first parish in El Paso...they made it together, praying for me, knowing I was very sick, had almost died, had lost Noah... means so much to me.  And I gave it to my mom to take in the hospital w/ her during surgery too.  I just got it back from her...she has her own from SIL and has gotten through the worst part of surgery and recovery, so time to give it back :)  

4. My laptop.  It was out of commission, as I waited for my new cord and battery.  I really like it...MUCH better than borrowing Doug's when I can or typing on my phone and using up over half of my 4G's LOL  Anyhoo...got my parts and it's back in business baby!  Woot!  Blog on!

5.  Good music, and Spotify.  I missed using it on my computer...It is just amazing to me that I can think of a tune or be in a certain mood and need a song, and do a little search and bam, there it is.  I think back to my very very very very skimpy record, then tape, then CD music collection....basically had to rely on the radio mix for whatever....so I missed out on a lot...just didn't ever get the chance much to buy or get music...my parents didn't spend much on frivolous things like that, and I didn't ever really have much money of my own...etc...But now....music of any kind is at my fingertips. :)  And I love so many different kinds.  Tonight, I went from hearing a song on tv by Regina Specktor, listening to it and a few of her other tunes, to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jenson (don't ask lol) ....to Carly Simon (Best of, 1975 my birth year lol)....The Catholic Mass sung in Gregorian Chant :)  LOVE IT!!! :)  What a nifty invention...this whole internet/Facebook/Music and Picture Sharing, and so much more...may it be used more and more for GOOD rather than EVIL. 

and BONUS:
6.  HOME.  Ahhh, being home...especially after a long trip, far away and sleeping on a different bed and other various stressful or inconvenient things.  And when I say "home"...I mean wherever that is for us.  I'm not attached to one certain home/house/shelter.  Just "home" ...where we make our home...where my family and I can go to just "be."  Currently "home" is a rental home we love...but soon that will change.  Nothing big, don't worry, just a helpful change, indefinitely.  But...still, we can makfe a home wherever we are...because we are together, hubster, me and 3 amazing living kiddos.  

More to come, stay tuned.... What are some of  YOUR favorite things?

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