Sunday, July 8, 2012

Realization vol. 2

Um...I've always had 20/20 vision (from my Dad, unlike my Mom w/ lots of eye issues,) but I knew that EVENTUALLY like say, in my late 40s or 50s, I might need reading glasses or something for a little "help."  But 37???  Okay, maybe I'm not ready for that much help yet.....but I just discovered a few nights ago that....I ...gulp...getting some near-sightedness...or wait is it far-sightedness, I get them mixed up.  Um,'s a kind of far-sightedness.  Interesting wiki-reading here.   I apparently have "elder-eyes" now, and it generally starts after age 40...I just love being ahead of my time, don't I?  Ugh.  So anyway,  I had a bottle of something, reading the back of it...smallish print...and thought I'd test my eye sight a little.  I moved it closer and closer to my eyes.  Well, first, backing up...I have been experiencing what I guess is "eye strain" some, from all of my "screen time" I'm sure.  And the past several years, I've been developing some "night vision", especially if it's raining and nighttime and I'm driving.  But, nothing big.  Still, I had friends recently talking about their new "mid-life" bi-focals and eyes changing.  So...I knew that my Dad had pretty good vision, but got reading glasses later on.  I thought I'd just test things out.  Well, as I moved the small print on the back of the bottle CLOSER to me, my eyes went out of focus.  I thought, eh...maybe they are just crossing, and I tried to blink/strain to keep them from doing it.  Didn't help.  Blurred words.  SO ...I put on the pair of reading glasses that I'd acquired and used in the teen's mystery dinner theater (I must tell you about that some time, it was so great!) when I "played" a minor role as a tour guide... Miss Hortence ...McBride ? (blanking on her last name)...the scullery maid.  ANYHOO.... they were the 3.00+ kind (!?) and voila...I could see the words clearly, slightly magnified.  EEEEK!  I kept testing it over and over.  Okay, granted...most of the time ...well let's see..... RARELY do I HAVE to read something small print and THAT CLOSE to my eyes.  I mean,  we're talking 6 or so inches maybe?  I don't know, maybe more...especially with smaller print than I was looking at.  I will test it more, but it still ....didn't feel good.  LOL  I mean, I wore those reading glasses to help make me look OLDER...geesh!  Yk, the old "school marm" thing, with them on your nose....see for yourself, below. (and try not to laugh too hard out loud :P)  Sigh.  (more Vanity! ) I suppose it's "que sera sera" eh?  :P  But I shouldn't complain...I certainly don't have the eye issues hubs and son do...or I'm not completely "there"  yet, anyway. :P