Saturday, July 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 6

1. A friendly visitor.  There was some discussion about rare tropical poisonous frogs, but we are pretty sure our little buddy was just a plain ol' green tree frog :p  Made for some up close "scientific observation and nature study" though :)  (Is he poisonous? Will he bite? Why does his neck do that? How does he "talk"? How does he stick on there? Look at his eye balls.  Is that his butt? Will he give you warts?  Will he only give you warts if you kiss him?....) LOLOL

2.  More adventures at the water park :) And below...a side by side of Mariam then (6 months) and now (4 years) there. :)  My how the wee babe has changed  :)  And we had a nice economical lunch of PB&J's and jars of ice water LOL  Hoard...I mean RECYCLING has to pay off at some point :)

3.  Sent my two guys off this week for middle school camp.  I just can't think about my baby boy shooting down those rapids or ziplining down the ropes course or I'll be back here again. LOL  But the motley crew did get a blessing and prayer from Fr. G before they left (and I made an observation of Fr's new shoes LOL a pair of these ...getting his exercise on I guess :) So...I know they are in good Hands.  But...they did arrive to the weather below...and since I didn't get the flashlights packed, Doug was walking down a muddy path in the dark and rain to his cabin.  Oops. (ducking)....

UPDATE:  Got a report in that they had a blast on the first rapids today (the "easy" one, yikes) and only had 4 fall out of the raft (shudder)....but Jesus SAVED them LOL  A guy who looks like Jesus...or really looks like Jim Kaviezel LOL  Same difference. :P  BUT the thrill was Micah diving off this big rock 10+ feet high into the river at this special diving point.  He is so much braver than I.  And he did it TWICE.  Into FRIGID ice-cold water LOL  Fun Fun.  They also enjoyed a nice Mass at the near-by parish. Uber-cool!

4.  And again, prayers for dear FIL.  He's about the same...he feels better because the catheter has his kidneys more stable, but we're not sure what the next step is or the prognosis.  He is a beloved father and grandfather (and many other roles.)  He's birthday is coming up next week...he'll be 79.  This was him in 2 pictures about 10 years apart, doing his favoritest thing in the whole world...holding his grandbabies.  They literally say he is perked up after we take the kids up for a visit to the hospital.  They keep him going, keep him fighting. 

5.  Speaking of hospital visits...they relate to my "training" LOL

6.  Now for some political media matters: a friend tuned me into this post about expressing our beliefs even when it's hard to do in this society, especially about such touchy subjects.  I mostly agree (and can relate), although I understand Leah's concerns.... But I actually believe what I reiterated here or what is expressed in the links therein.  I "don't hate gay people either"...I love "my neighbor" as myself, etc etc. 

7. Oh, and related to number moving out and moving IN w/ the in-laws.... has me MAJORLY DECLUTTERING as I pack up boxes that will mostly go in storage.  We will mainly have the essentials and a few things we like/need (few toys, home schooling stuff, drawers for clothes, etc)..... but yeh...I am desperately  trying to prevent getting on the show Hoarders....well, aren't we all?  But I's in the "genes" on BOTH our sides, so we gotta be vigilant.  I am in a MOOD to "GET RID OF IT."  I'm surprising myself.  I mean sure I've created a new rubbermaid box for myself called "quilt and sewing scraps" from a few special kids' clothing items...but that's about the MOST extra of anything I am SAVING. If we don't use it or need it...bye bye!  Again, Flylady would be proud of me LOL  I've come a long way baby!  But seriously, ...there are few things we NEED to save for posterity sake, in reality. If you don't use it, lose it!  LOL  Enough cliche's for one night?  Well...I'm calling it a night then, and getting this posted in still only ONE day late, rather than two. LOL  (btw, this one is gonna THRILL hubs. LOL)

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