Monday, July 23, 2012

An Update to "What I haven't been able to express"

Caught a few articles posted on FB that I wanted to post in the context of a follow-up to this post :

IN addition to this post of Alan Keyes' words in a debate with Obama several years ago, someone posted this great post by the infamous "Bad Catholic" on patheos.  What I love about this article is a.) he can express things I can't LOL and b.) he is "smart enough" to argue from a Philosophical point of reference and "higher thinking" ....rather than as he puts it, " entirely flushed of all meaning and significance. We are hollow men, stuffed man, and our words hold all the weight of whispers and straw."

So...check them out, and follow the links Bad Catholic adds too for even more explanation.  He is right on too w/ his little comment on "God's plan" and how Christians have the same divorce rates as anyone else.  It is so depressing, as I mentioned in a previous post.  Dropping like flies...heard of another one tonight. sigh.

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