Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Recipe

I made it up w/ ingredients I had.

So, I have made good sour cream enchiladas before, both beef and chicken.  Do you know the ones....that use condensed cream soups in them?  They are good, though I wish to steer away from them and make my own "cream of" soups in the future.  But, I did not have any on hand tonight...and had extra chicken I wanted to do something special with.  So looking online but not really finding anything..., then looking in my bare cupboards, I found a can of enchilada sauce and a can of chicken and rice soup  and a small can of diced green chili's.  I cooked my chicken and chopped it up.  Found a brand new unopened, still-sealed, didn't know I had and not-to-out-of-date sour cream in the fridge...score!  So in one bowl, I mixed about a cup of sour cream, the green chili's, a dash of garlic salt, the chicken, and some shredded cheese (I prefer finely shredded, and it was about a cup).  Then in another bowl, I combined the sauce and the soup and just a few green chili's from the can.  I filled my flour tortillas w/ the cream mixture and rolled them up and lined them into one of my square corningwares.  I rolled until I used up all the creamy mixture.  Then I poured my sauce/soup mix over all of them, and topped w/ a layer of shredded cheese (I had cheddar...a mexican blend would be good) and voila.  Baked in about 350 oven for....20 minutes?  Maybe 30.  Until cheese is well melted and edges begin to brown.  (Actually what happened was I needed to leave the house for a bit, so I turned the oven off and let it keep cooking somehow was perfect :P) ....It was yummy.   Somehow the rice soup mixed w/ the enchilada sauce reminded me of "mexican rice" though more saucy.  Now, of course you might prefer more hit added somehow...perhaps a chopped jalepeno, or a dash of hot sauce or even picante sauce.  And i think olives would have been good on top.  It was realllly good though.  The insides were warm and creamy, then the mixed w/ the sauce and cheese....mmmm.  If I do say so myself. :)

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