Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I haven't been able to express...

She Doesn’t Hate Gay People | LosCatholics.com

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I think I've mentioned what I feel is MORE and WORSE persecution of Christians, and Catholics especially, to come.  At least in our country.  (In some countries, you could be sentenced to death just for being gay, or defending the homosexual lifestyle.  So opposite problem, still a problem. That is NOT us, here and today though.) Yes, the cuts and jabs about the scandals and altar boys and long out-dated jokes about nuns w/ rulers, etc etc, will continue.  But not that.  Yes, the war against LIFE and our battle to defend it will continue.  But not that.  More so, our FREEDOMS of BELIEFS and RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS will be taken away.  Such as with the Health Mandate (if things are not stopped in their tracks soon with elections and votes and such...) But also, on an even grander scale, ....an undercurrent of HATE for us...over a MISUNDERSTANDING of us and what we do believe, especially about homosexuality.  But even if it is not a misunderstanding, it will be turned into one.  The positive and the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, will be ignored.  The negatives (as it will be and is viewed) will be OVERBLOWN.  Despite our continued repeating of the FACT that WE LOVE EVERYONE, and "love thy neighbor as self" and "treat others as you want to be treated" and unconditional love....the fact that we still hold on to age-old Moral and Natural law and beliefs that homosexual same-sex attraction must not be ACTED UPON, and thus is not compatible for SACRAMENTAL MARRIAGE, ....we will be called haters.  We will be convicted for hate-crimes for saying what I just said. (I hear tell it's already being done in Canada...google and research it for yourself.)  DESPITE those of us truly practicing our FAITH in our HEARTS and TRULY non-judgementally LOVING the PERSON (love the sinner, hate the sin), while calling a spade a spade, a sin a sin.....we will be despised.  Burned at the stake.  Demanded to be silent.

And, I know if some of my online liberal friends were reading this right now, they would not understand.  They would shake their heads and think I was living some kind of "dark ages" dream, in a "dark ages" religion.  They might even "unfriend" me, in more than just a FB way.  That makes me sad, but I have to not "be afraid" to speak what I truly believe.  As I've said, I have lived that my entire life. In fear.  Being the fly on the wall.  But I wish that we could DISCUSS such issues openly and honestly, without anger and fear-mongering and hateful speech, such as is so rampant on any given COMMENTS section online where any kind of issue such as this is being discussed.  I have actually even lost FB "friends" over the abortion issue.  A heated discussion, and bam.  Their gone.

But again, I feel it is much better worded in the post above.  I can talk all day long about better and safer birth, other faith issues, homeschooling things, kid-things, motherhood and domestic issues, and more...but when it comes to a really controversial issue like this one, my words seem to get discombobulated.  I trip over words, hoping not to offend.  But, sometimes, simply our beliefs will offend, without one word being said.  We just have to do our best.

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