Saturday, July 21, 2012

Virtual 5K Update 3

Well, my next phase of training has come in an unexpected way.  We had been to visit Pawpaw in the hospital several times...this time and before.  She was a little nervous, due to her own ER visit one Christmas night, when she had to get staples in her head.  LOL  But she did fine and semi-enjoyed the ride up and down in the elevator.  But suddenly, a few nights ago, after a long napless day, she just lost it.  A fear as bad as her fear of tornadoes took over.  I thought she was gonna puke again, like she did the last bad Tornado warning we had. Sigh. :(  Poor little girl.  And I couldn't battle that.  It wasn't worth it.  We took the 7 flights of stairs.  Yes, there was huffing and puffing.  But I needed a good kick in the pants.  THIS time last year, dang it, I could have flown up them.  I was working w/ my personal trainer friend doing sets of up to 15, alternating stairs and strength training/abs/upper/lower body etc.  I'd lost 40lbs and was getting there. But...a few things happened that were stressful, and boom...I fell off the wagon.  And I'm still beating myself up over it.  But...everday he is there, we are going to climb those stairs...and then, I'll go to the ones at the church gym...I'm going to get there again....and beyond.  I know I can... "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

P.S.  If you didn't know, "she" is Mariam LOL

P.S.S. Did I mention it was SEVEN (7, siete, sept, septem) stories worth of stairs?! In a breaking it down like my previous workouts of up, down, up, down...just up, up, up (etc for 7, or 14 if you want to count both sets for each floor) w/out stopping.  Down is easier, just that my by then my knees are like, whoa there girl, let's take it slow.... my muscles are so sore from swim/aqua size to cardio stairs LOL...I really wanted to cry tonight...I shouldn't get so winded...sigh.  Oh and Mariam doesn't get winded at all.  BUT...she acts like it after looking at me, as if she is somehow "learning" that that is what you are supposed to do LOL  I go up behind her and down in front of her, ...stairs have always scared me.  I love heights, not scared of them at all. But the stairs to get there...I fear falling down them...and more so, my kids falling down them.  "Hold on to the rail" I repeat over and over.  Maybe it would somehow prevent a complete fall all the way down....but I digress....

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