Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blogs of Interest vol. 1

I think I am going to start a new series of posts sharing blogs I've happened upon that I love.  Because I am so bad about keeping up with my fav blogs, and have like a gazillion bookmarked already.  At least for posterity sake, I will have them listed somewhere else :P  And maybe you can glean from this as well :)  Please share your favorite blogs too.

To start us off, I just happened upon this one, minutes ago, thus inspiring this blog series :)  As I mentioned last week, I stitched my first ever knit stitches with my sis-in-law...did about 10 rows of knit and pearl stitches on a new prayer shawl (she has made several with a prayer group, it's such a lovely thing that I shall add it to my Favorite Things post soon, ...mine was given to me by some lovely ladies I knew when Noah died.)  with some lovely pink and white yarn.  Anyhoo, I see knitting in my future, as I always have, but much clearly now :)  I highly highly doubt I shall ever be so good, but here is the blog I am posting "of interest":  By Gum. By Golly. 

 ...Isn't it loverly?  I love all things vintage too!  I love this trend going on right now of the retro "pin-up" type girls, w/ rolled curled coifed hair and scarves and porcelain faces with ruby red lips.  AND modest clothing items such longer A-lined skirts and "trouser" shorts and such.  But this blog combines all of that with knitting.  How genius.  AND.....it just so happens that she is hosting a cool giveaway right now, so check it out!

Next up will be some uber cool mom blogs...stay tuned. :)


  1. Fabulous blog isn't it? :) I am loving the vintage trend too!
    And welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!

  2. Thanks! :) I'm also fairly new to the CONSISTENT world of blogging, so your blog is inspiration too!