Monday, July 2, 2012

What was it I was JUST saying????

Catholic Exchange Virtual 5K | Catholic Exchange

We are in ...we can do this!  Who else is in????  It seemed much scarier to me for some reason to train for a "real" one...commit to pay...etc.....but I feel like this is def something we can commit to.  I hope.  Gonna have to get to that track at the park and show the kids how far 3.1 miles is.....deep breaths...I think I can, I think I can....and lest you be deceived ...I am talking about walking it with my fam...hubs and the kiddos.  Now IF by then some of us feel ready to run it...that will be even better.  But I am not gonna add more pressure to this already public commitmetnt....yet.  :p. That is all.  :)


  1. Amanda,

    What a wonderful idea! None of my face to face friends run. I run with my girls though. It would be good to be encouraged along by other mothers. Thanks for the link! Look forward to exchanging 5K stories!!

  2. Thanks Sue! I ran one day in my life, last year LOL .... my trainer had been working w/ me with workouts, and I'd lost about 40lbs and then I finally was bold enough to get out to the track...did a walk 5, jog 1 deal for the 3.1 ....was so out of breath at the end, couldn't hardly catch my breath and had a few moments of tears and panic, recovering myself...It was a huge emotional hurdle for this "gym class hating all of her life" gal. :P So...I had new nice running shoes that were more comfy than any shoes ever, and...all that good stuff...and I just sort of fell off the I am again, out of shape, out of breath not even trying, and ...ready to make changes for all of us. Pray me through it Sue!!! I'm 37 and I want to be 40 and fabulous! :P I want to (maybe) go to my 20th high school reunion and feel confident next to hubby, not embarrassed and shy. Is that vain? But more than that I want to be healthy WITH and FOR my children!!! We have to make changes....