Saturday, July 14, 2012

Virtual 5K update 1

Well, as I've mentioned, we have been swimming, and not just floating, soaking, and playing.  We have been going to the wave pool, staying for hours, and all taking turns or even racing, doing laps. (I even snuck in 45 minutes by myself...yes kid-free, one night. Shhhh!) My muscles are STILL sore. LOL  This is my very very very favoritest bestest exercise and activity. 

 Love. It. 

 I really must join the aquasize classes at the rec. center. (oh but forgot to mention, I DO water aerobics in the wave pool too LOL  Don't care how I look...I do big sweeping treading water, I twist and "jump" and really stretch too) But it is on the agenda weekly, at least 3 times each week for the next 4-5 weeks, until it goes to weekends only (booo, hisss) and we will try to fit it in as much as we can.)  I wish I were a mermaid.  I AM a mermaid in my dreams :P LOL (especially since Jillian has been interested in them a lot lately, and they are always on Netflix in the background LOL)  But anyhoo, so after our "vacation", I was having some swelling in my feet and ankles (multiple 10 hr drives will do that) and just plain bloating and blah-ness. (Why of course, these words are grammatically correct, why do you ask?)  Then, on top of that, I've been trying not to skip breakfast and at the least have cereal, but just generally eating lighter and less, watching carbs.


However, though I have not weighed in, my clothes are a little less snug and I'm feeling better.  I also bought a brand new, unopened yoga dvd at the thrift store for like a $1.  Woot!  (no, no woo-woo, just the exercises)  I'm fearful of core-exercises right now, due to my possible third-time hernia sigh.  But cardio and stretching and a little strength-training is a-okay.  

Now, to find time to go to the park and just walk (or eventually jog) w/ the kids or ride our bikes, while so much else is going on and we attempt to move. (more on that soon) Fun Fun.

For more info and updates on the Virtual 5K, go here and my original post here.

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  1. Am so envious of the wave pool access. I looove wave pools.