Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update/Review of Brave

Well, we made it home and had a lovely evening (excepting a certain puke incident that shall never be spoken of to protect the innocent :p)..... Girls went to Brave, Boys went to the new Spiderman.  Perhaps I can, convince Doug to do a review of it some day.  But anyhoo... so, we skipped supper to be able to enjoy our large popcorn and coke, a very rare treat.  With free refills, we were stuffed.  (And, that is all I have to say about that.)  Mariam actually was her best ever in this movie, than any other movie in the theater she's been to...her behavior, her "stillness" LOL...she was really into the movie, thankfully. And it helped that we finally saw and used a booster seat they had for children...she loved that. (And somehow we got our potty time done before the movie started! woot woot!)  She got a little scared in a few parts, but nothing major.  Jillian loved the movie.  And it was pretty good.  I did cry a little teeny tiny bit.  I can't help myself,...I always can personalize it.   I mean, honestly, I wasn't impressed with the movie as much as I'd expected to be.  I don't fully know why, but I will say there were 2 main things I didn't like so much.  The first, I knew was coming: the whole "find your destiny, follow your fate" thing, but mainly in how it must always DEFY our parents or REBEL.  Yeh, I know...old common theme, yada yada....  it wasn't too bad, but if Mariam had been paying too close attention LOL She doesn't need any help rebelling against me, or learning to talk back to me etc :P  Anyway, but the second thing was the story got a little weird and a little witchy/conjuring-uppity (I just love making up words LOL)  I know, I know...a little fantasy never hurt anyone...Tolkien...yada yada.  Again, not too bad and I do love the Celtic culture, the strong women theme, the loving bond promoted........and I did cry thinking of my girls.  Wanting to "be there" for them and really "listen" to them, and let them be themselves.  Aside from that, I think it was well done.  I love 3D, but not sure it was totally necessary in this one.  Jillian says of course it was, but about the only thing in need of it was the growling bear I guess.  The little "minions" in one of the preview thingies actually had the BEST 3D thingie I'd ever seen LOL...blowing the little paper party thingie.  :P  It came right out at us! (Can't wait for the second Despicable Me, btw!!  2013 woohoo!)  So anyhoo, yeh...a good time was had by all, and then after the movie, we went to one of our fav places: the bookstore.  I think I've switched back to liking BAM more than B&N now after so many years....they have a lot more cheap junk available :P  I got a little something for each kid with the B2G1free deal on already marked down books.  My personal fav was the Children's Science Encyclopedia :P  Awesomeness.   So here are a few pics to enjoy (used my cool Instaframe and Instagram apps, like Cari talks about here ), and tomorrow it's swimming!  Last day of vacation, though, wahhhh!  Some "vacation" eh?  More about that in my 7 Quick Takes....


  1. Amanda,

    We took our girls to see "Brave" a few days ago. I agree with you about the fate thing and the "little witchy/conjuring-uppity". I thought the girls would be scared. They weren't but I was! Gemma-Rose thought the movie script was very funny in places. She kept laughing very noticeably and loudly. I suggested to Andy he might tell her to be quiet, but all he said was, "Don't worry. She's just enjoying herself" which was perfectly true!

    Sounds like you're having a great vacation!

  2. Well, Sue...yes and no LOL Will write more later.