Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Realization No. 3

Same song, third verse. LOL  But it's true..."ya' ain't as young as you used to be."  Maybe it's because I've actually been working my BUTT off and exercising but...I suddenly can't stay up as late as I had been...and I'm needing a nap on top of it.  I come here, to my dear friend laptop LOL and have so many many words in my head...but, it all fizzles out as my eyelids get droopier and droopier.  Argh!  But I have sooo much to do and say!  I have curriculums (curricula?)  to research, and blogs to read. WAHHHH!  Sigh...and NO. TIME. DURING. THE. DAY.  That is a huge part of my "not having enough time" to read everything I want to.  Or say every thing I want to.  NaNoWriMo?  Are you kidding me Sue??  How????  When??? LOL  I don't have time to write this short blog post, much less a novel!? LOL

I saw this phenomenon happen with my oldest brother and sister-in-law.  I grew up pretty much in awe of them.  He was (is) a great hubby and spiritual leader of his family.  She was (is) an awesome mom of 8 home schooled kids.  Who were all amazing kids...typical smart and well-mannered home school kids, but not typical "weird or quirky" :)  Anyway, I thought it was fun how they used to drink so much coffee and stay up late talking for hours.  As I developed those skills through out college and early marriage....I did not see this "aging" thing sneaking up so quickly. LOL  I see now, as when we visited them on our "vacation" unexpectedly, a normal bedtime for them these days is 9pm!  Wahhhh?  LOL  They are "only" 50-ish ...c'mon!  But....if I continue my early to rise phenom. of late, I shall quickly become "THEM"...eeeeeek!  "Early to bed, early to rise"...wait, where have I....oh, my grandparents, ages ago, used to say that....(cue the twilight zone music)  ...what. is. happening. here????  Of course, then too...if I DO go to bed "early", one of two things happens:  either I lay there awake and CAN'T go to sleep even though I'm so tired and my mind just goes into overload thinking and worrying....OR...I fall right to sleep and then awaken later in the night, wide awake and unable to go back to sleep.  Argh.  It's not bad enough to seek help yet.  I could probably try some vitamins (need to) or some melatonin first. Heck, I have taken some tylenol PM's a few times.  But (Thyroid issues needing to be checked, lack of hormones, overweight...all aside...) Middle age is approaching much too quickly.  Make it stop...I don't want to get off the train, I just want it to slowwwww downnnnn. LOL  Anyhoo.....yawnnn....eyes are drooping again.....good..zzzzzzzzzzzzz...........(didn't get this posted last night LOL  so good morning instead, or good night if you are Sue :P )

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  1. I have trouble sleeping also and I guess because I am approaching middle age, it could be hormones. I do have blood sugar issues and found out that waking in the middle of the night is most often caused by a drop in blood sugar. I ususally fall asleep again if I take a spoonful of honey. For me, not being able to get to sleep in the first place is either a stress issue or it is becuase I have had caffeine that day. I hope you can get some sleep soon.