Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 quick takes vol. 3

1. One of our family reunions was last Sunday...the one that is at the rec park/water park every year.  In years past everyone went for a swim at the water park, but that has died down.  We still like to go though....and we are so grateful that we happened to be gifted with season passes for our family.  So lunch was at high noon, and the kids were just waiting....and waiting...and waiting...on us to finish our overflowing plates of casseroles and meats and desserts. :P  And we had to let that food settle, so...yk...lots of waiting.... lol  They were pretty patient though, even Mariam, though no pic to prove it :)

2. And a pic of one of to-share dessert plates...samples of just about everything and oh so decadent! 

3. No pics at the water park, but there will be some before Summer's End... :)  But this was a FULL washer of our swim clothes and towels after the fact. LOL

4. And this was exhausted Mariam, zoned out into a video, after swimming all afternoon LOL Yes, we plan to do this many a day until said Summer's End :P

5. And this is what was for, quick, (and I didn't have to cook) and yes...bad bad bad mommy. :P  Yes, this will be addressed more in a later post...fair warning of mommy guilt ahead...

6.  So on to another topic:  I have a Procrastinator's "Spring Cleaning" AND Organizing Project pending for another blog day LOL  But for now, let me leave you with a new tip I accidentally discovered.  Yes, I am revealing a lot here....but after the crazy busy schedule I've had, should be more understanding and less judgemental (lol talking to myself, not really you :P ) Anyhoo...this is what my bathtub had become...ick..I know, but...when the shower gel bottle got knocked over and left to spill out, one busy morning...I found a new cheap cleaner.  It literally sat all day and took the soap scum away...rinse and go :)  Woohoo.

And 8.  La Piece de la Resistance (sp? lol no time to google)... I finally have had a bit of a green thumb...knock on wood LOL  I took a tiny little cut piece of another plant, and developed the roots in water like I used to see my mother do, and then as it began to grow, I replanted it in fresh soil, and voila!  I have a new plant. Yeah me!!!!  LOL  Perhaps I can dream big and actually do a window herb garden, and one day....yes one day...I shall have a backyard garden.  Sigh...but I digress....snicker away you ol' timer green thumbs....LOL  Ah, man I am getting so boring in my old age :P

UPDATE: Sigh, no one was paying attention to my  late-night trick there huh?  # 8?  Wha?? LOL

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