Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 quick takes vol. 2

A little late and catching up... but here goes:

1. Was so glad last weekish (more like 2 weeks now) when our teens and Doug drove up on the big bus from CHWC in Chicago...they were tired but had such a great fact they've been on such a bonded high that as you will see further down, I utilized it...

2. Mariam sweetly (and repeatedly) asked me to paint her nails for her, so we had a little mommy-daughter bonding.  Of course a few days later (picture pending on that one...) she snuck the bottle for a little touch-up and spilled it all on Micah's bedroom carpet of our Rental House...sigh...bye-bye deposit.  Hot pink pics to come.

3. So, the teens had been back no more than 48ish hours, when I started putting them to work again :)  (and again...)  One full week of working in inner-city Chicago all day every day, to one full week of working at the church decorating for VBS in little ol' Dothan (unfortunately, this was about the only proof I got of them actually working :P ) another full week of VBS (further down...)

4.  In between weeks, I was excited to watch the now-famous Nik Wallenda walk across Niagra Falls on his tightrope.  Nervous, scared, thrilled.  I had seen an interview/story on him the night before, about how it was in his "blood" to do this, the story of his grandfather's amazed me.  So I gathered the kids around to watch....and they sort of took it in stride, as..."oh, okay, cool....whatever mom...." "Um, hello?  This is very dangerous, not been done, blah blah bah."  LOL  Well's the only sorry little photo I got out of it....a shot of his wife looking up, as he neared the end.  She was so relieved.  (Btw, he prayed the entire time he crossed, thanking his Father and Jesus...very interesting....)

5.  Then, it was back to business...and back to putting those teens to work. :)  We seriously could not have had such a successful VBS without our great teens.  Maybe I'll do a whole separate post on our "more Protestant-like" VBS this year :P  and it's success and joys.... but here is a great shot of our over 100 kids, in our "Sky" :)

6.  So, at the end of an exhausting 3 weeks, some of the teens threw a little party to celebrate (everyone was invited, but it was impromptu/last minute and not everyone could come...) and so Doug brought his little fam along, at least for a few hours, and so....each had their turn at the Wii Dance Central (or whichever dance one it was???) game....  Since I could not get a shot with each one (M, J, M, D and visiting cuz W) I will just post one of Big D gettin' his groove on, heehee... the teens LOVE it when he does :)  (and NO, I did not take a turn....however, I seriously want to buy this motion sensor thingie and several games...I think I have found our key to exercise/weight loss...stay tuned LOL)

7.  Speaking of dancing....the very next day, M and J were altar servers at sweet little Fillipino parishioner wedding at church.  I helped with kitchen duty a little, and so we all got to partake of a delicious meal, kids (M, J, M and cuz W)  all once again, got their groove on. LOL  Pumped by the night before, they were making requests and showing off dance moves.  I have great video of Mariam doing the electric slide.  She was really bustin' a move...or somethin' like that LOL 

Okay, I won't lie...I was disappointed that the Fillipino family did not prepare a traditional meal, but only catered.  One of my best friends is half-Fillipino, married to a full-Fillipino, and mother to my god-daughter...I have attended many Fillipino parties, and I know how good the food can be :)

Anyhoo....maybe this week's takes weren't as boring as last week's.  I will continue to improve, hopefully....but for to vacation (or possibly stay-cation, not sure yet...and if the former, only visiting family anyway LOL) for the next 2 weeks.  That doesn't mean I won't be blogging though. Hopefully, I will blog even more :D Cuz, I also plan to clean and organize the house, plan out our curriculum/schoolish type things for the next year, visit with friends and party and attend a few family reunions, starting today.... etc etc :)   Happy Sunday!


  1. Sorry to hear about the nail polish on the carpet; when kids learn, they often make a mess. Bless her heart.

    Mark L.

  2. Oh yes lol I know....she's my third, so I so I do just roll with the punches better now than I used to :p at least about messes....not so sure about my patience lol