Monday, June 18, 2012


So I was just reminded that there was something fishy about starbucks and needed to avoid them...if anyone wondered about that in my Friday pic....I know now  sigh. Speaking of which....I fear great persecution coming for the Church over this issue.  Talking to a Catholic mom of a gay son,  I know there is room for improvement in how we deal with the whole issue beyond just marriage.  But yet we must stand firm in Truth about core issues.  Anyhoo..... makes me more glad that my almost "7th grader" (a generic label yet still makes me wanna sob lol) began Theology of the Body today.  

Anyhoo not much time to blog this week...sooo busy with our VBS this week (yes we Catholics can have fun too :p) .....more soon.... for now, discuss amongst yourselves that tight rope walker guy,huh?  Whaddaya think??

P.s. Please be in prayer for a dear friend who had a complete abruption over the weekend with he 5th (living) baby and would be 5th cesarean... :(  thank God she and he are alive but not without much trauma...and he is in nicu with some signs of ox. deprivation.  Oh those damn cesareans :(  she tried and worked so hard to birth her me its all she ever wanted.  They have a long road ahead...

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