Thursday, June 28, 2012

Postcards from our Bi-annual Louisiana Trip

This has (SO FAR, let me be clear lol) been one of our best trips to see my fam (so far)....for many reasons...but here are my silly kids on our trip coming, making good time and having fun:

UPDATE:  I just realized that I never did any more "post cards" from our trip.  Well, 1.) that is because we didn't do anything exciting LOL We just sat around in the A/C instead of going out into 110 degree/99% humidity heat.  The kids played their games, we talked, watched tv or napped. LOL  Then 2.) you can see a few things in my vol. 4 Quick  Takes (which I think I make reference to this post, so what is that?  criss-cross tagging? LOL no idea...) and H3 vol 5 posts.  The most exciting thing was the worst LOL But there were blessings out of that so "it's all good." :)

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