Saturday, June 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Trying my hand at my first Quick Takes ever, via Conversion Diary.  Woohoo!  It's short and not as neat as I'd like, but I'll improve.

 1. The kids' "healthy" salad for supper, sigh..yes that's Ranch dressing...yes, I know.

2. Flylady would be proud.
3.A healthy favorite, California style , and yes I ate it w/ my chopsticks. Be amazed, go ahead :P (this was supposed to go above, with the "salad" photo but for some reason I am having trouble figuring out my smartphone pic/picasa/instagram/blogger/uploading/syncing whatchamacallit.  I am a baby...I am
4. Our new glow in the dark brush,, when chewed by the dog, leaks glow in the dark gel...I wonder if Belle's teeth would glow if we turned the lights out.... brush is now in the trash.
5. Back to Saturday's Ordinations, this special little guy is Doug's godson Peter...the first child of the first priest ordained from the first class of the Anglican Ordinariate.  They have video of him crawling toward a prayer book...the kid has his work cut out for him! :)  And he's oh so cute and sweet to boot! lol

6. This was supposed to be top of my list, since it was from last Friday. (again, the whatchamacallit) At the time, it was a week late too.  It was "Pentecost sundaes" in honor of Pentecost Sunday.  It was just a few of us rare Catholic home schoolers here, and they were rather sad-looking, and I must say, I enjoyed last years' "sundaes" better :)  See more here  and  here (2 of my fav uber-Catholic mom sites lol)
7.  Sorry it's turned sideways, sigh whatchamalcallit again....Flylady would NOT be so proud., if there's one thing I do, it's stay on top of the laundry (seriously, sometimes it's the only thing I get to at the house, sigh)....but, when there is an item that has been outgrown and I say, "oh, I need to take that to charity," or maybe I want to save a special outfit and use the material for a recycle project of some sort (one day, I hope)...well, it gets thrown up into a sort of pile on the shelves in my laundry room.  So, there it is...just one more project weighing on my mind daily. LOL  And really it's a minor one in the scheme of least I could shut the door on that room if need be :P  (not brave enough to show you all the other projects yet!)

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