Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogging dismay and Procrastination

First off, just curiously checking on my stats:  getting more hits these days, probably thanks to Micaela, and also (mainly) trying my hand at 7 Quick Takes... but NO COMMENTS.  Even Sue is quiet.  What's UP peeps?  Be honest.  This is new territory for me.  I've put off blogging for years now...and I want to get better at it.  Is it my boring-ness?  Is it my grammar that's lacking (because I know it is LOL?)  Too many ellipses (Sue) or too many "LOL's"...I do this a lot too: "sighhh" LOL   Is it lack of content? LOL Or ....?  And Cindy, if you are reading this...TEXT ME or EMAIL ME NOW!!!! :P
Secondly, I am a Royal Procrastinator.  I am up at 3:15 a.m. catching up on laundry and dishes that have piled up for the past, ohhhh, 3 weeks...but mainly I'm just putting off going to bed for fear that a.) I will have forgotten to do something or b.) I will not be able to sleep and just lay there, tossing and c) related to a. and b., I have such a long to-do list tomorrow to get ready for our "vacation" (trip to see my folks) that it is clogging my mind, or clouding it, or...something, and so...yeh...a. leads to b. and creates c. LOL  I don't know.  Anyhoo...some day maybe I'll examine why I have been a lifelong procrastinator (not to be confused w/ Prognosticator LOL)  ....might have something to do w/ "fear of failure" or OCD/"perfectionism"/if it can't be perfect, give up mentality...or even laziness.  I don't know. LOL  But meanwhile, I'll be up til 3 am tomorrow as well, packing the bags.  Argh.  At least I got my sink back from this (argh, how do I turn it? note to self: remember the right way to turn your phone camera, sigh):


to this again: 



  1. Hi Amanda,

    I'm sorry I haven't stopped lately to comment. Nothing to do with your ellipses. I love them! I use them all the time myself. It's me. I am behind with everything these days, running through the blogosphere and not stopping to say anything. I need to get myself better organised.

    It is lovely when readers stop to say something, isn't it? It's friendly. Otherwise it's like talking to one's self.

    I also do a lot of tossing and turning, not able to get to sleep, my mind full of thoughts. So frustrating!

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Thanks Sue :) It is nice. I was just pouting, I guess. LOL But it's funny how summers have become just as busy as the rest of the year for us these days. Anyway, I really loved your post tonight too...er, today that is. Did you know it is just after 4 a.m. here? Argh. Anyhoo, I have me a Gilbert Blythe too :)