Monday, June 4, 2012


Today...Monday...was a day of "attempts" sigh.  (yes, by my "sigh" I give it away...not gonna be good.)  I ATTEMPTED to get up early (after a night of my mind going a million miles a minute and therefor, not much sleep) and ATTEMPTED to get up to the church to discuss VBS decorations with Jan and do more planning on VBS.  I got about one thing accomplished, and not much to speak of. (Nevermind, that I didn't even ATTEMPT to make it to a Mommy and Me lunch date, sigh)  Then, I ATTEMPTED to go cheap on lunch, while out and about and on the run, w/ 4 kids in tow (said nephew, who btw WAS happy about his tooth fairy money ;) and quickly.  With no air conditioning in the van, we HAD to go inside the restaurant, where Mariam had to shout every other word, and sit in a booster only because I convinced her she was too big for a high chair, all because there was a BABY in the room, which his mom promptly and curtly told Mariam not to touch unless she washed her hands (eh, understood) LOL and....etc etc  Then, I ATTEMPTED to "just run in a minute" to the thrift store to check on a few things I had my eye on, but wouldn't you know it, EVERYTHING in the store was 50% off today until 3pm!!!!  eek!  I got a pair of Birkenstocks for Jillian which she swore were VERY comfortable (I know they aren't molded to HER foot, but eh...) and I got a Tyler Rodan brown leather purse for $4 which I love, and a few other "necessities" ...........I shoulda got that Vera Bradley purse for like $3 too...but that would be greedy of me ..I just needed ONE good all weather/purpose purse (with LOTS of different compartments, squeee!), I ATTEMPTED to once again work on VBS stuff, but an afternoon water play session ("Mom, we need another towel!!" "Mom, I need more dry clothes!" "MOM!!!!") presented much interruption,  Next, I ATTEMPTED to order pizza online, but in the amount of time it took me to decide, I talked myself out of wasting more money, and we had nachos.  Then, I ATTEMPTED to do some cleaning....we won't go there.  Then, I ATTEMPTED to take whining children to the park, but waited too late for the Rotary Miracle playground (yes it was sundown by this point,sigh), so ATTEMPTED to take everyone's picture at the other park for a blog post brewing in my head....until I couldn't find Micah....and ATTEMPTED to call him....and call him.....and......he finally was found on the other side of the bathrooms behind bushes, hiding from said nephew.  GRRR!  I had just told them not to go where I couldn't see them, it was getting too dark.  He didn't hear me.  He was sorry.  But I ...was done. Sigh.  It had shaken me....angered me....and I was already frustrated by the day.  Mariam was tired from no nap and whiny. I am...ATTEMPTING to do more work on VBS stuff, and talking myself out of waiting until tomorrow.  ATTEMPTING to convince myself to go ahead and do a load of dishes, even if it makes noise that might wake sleeping children.  Easy.  And...ATTEMPTING to now force myself to go to bed and pray for good sleep, so I can get up in the very early morning (for me) and go pick blueberries with friends!  Here's hoping tomorrow is not just another day of ATTEMPTS.  (please!)  So much to little time....but glad Doug and the teens are having a great time.  Buenos Noches! (and prayers for everyone!)

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