Thursday, June 7, 2012

15 years of this Roller Coaster Ride :)

You know when I mentioned that heart "fonderer" stuff here the other day?  Well....more reason:  today we celebrate 15 years of Holy (happy) Matrimony (Batman!) :)  Here's what I wrote on FB:
‎15 years ago I married my Knight in Shining Armor and best friend :) Doug Martin I'd climb over that 8ft fence all over again, to ride the greatest roller coaster ever :P I don't care if you are at CHWC every year on our anniversary, because a) it's worth it and b) everyday is a celebration for us :) I knew 15 years (and 8 months) ago that we would be in by calling, and me by default calling :) Michelle Sutton said, (paraphrasing lol) it's like the military :) you don't always celebrate your birthday or anniversaries together, but doesn't matter......and me! ♥

I'll tell you about the 8ft fence, roller coaster and 8 months one day.  For now, I am exhausted and off to bed after an eventful evening w/ Jillian.  She fell in Walmart sigh...and it was my fault.  She was wearing those Birkenstocks I bought her...which were not molded to her I was warned....and ....she said they were hurting her feet.....and....she wanted to walk in her sock feet in Walmart....and....I figured she wanted to show off her cool blue zebra print toe socks anyway......and....after some perusing I realized I needed to hurry to my next I hurried her....she wasn't running though, just walking fast....and.....she slipped, feet just completely from underneath, flat on her back.......and for several long minutes, it'd knocked the wind out of her, she hit so hard.  She couldn't catch her breath and began crying in her hard way.  It probably scared the Walmart staff more than me...I felt she was okay, just in pain....but I was afraid she'd cracked her tailbone.  And....I've always felt that I cracked mine at her age too, but never got it x-rayed.  I remember it being very painful....and re-injuring it several times through the years.  I remember being in so much pain, I could not bend over to pick up my golf ball at Putt-Putt.  And I've always wondered if that was something that affected my labors.....and why the Pink Kit revealed a "wonky" shaped (my words) pelvis.  So....ALL of these thoughts were swirling in my mind as she cried.  They filled out an accident report to cover themselves.  Understandably.  One of the employees saw it happen.  Nothing was their fault.  Fault was all mine (mommy guilt.)  They found a wheelchair and wheeled her to the van.  And then, I took her to the ER.  I just did not want to get home and regret not going in to get her checked out.  What IF....there was a more serious spinal injury?  What IF...she could benefit from some therapy or something?  etc etc  They breaks.  Just a bruised (compressed?) tailbone.  Phew!  I did get her the liquid lortab, for pain....because I remember that pain.  It's worth it, if she needs it.  Though I pray she won't.  We'll see how she is tomorrow.  Thank you God for insurance for the kids!  Now...please pray for Jillian.  She does seem to be accident prone....and she knows it...  She feels so "unlucky." :(  It breaks my heart.  And I know that I need to get my butt in gear still and get our family in shape.  That would help.  So....pray for me.  Thanks!

Doug left a message tonight for Jillian, voice breaking, that he loves her and is so sorry she got hurt.  Seems the teens and all had an emotional night tonight.  I know lives will be changed!  Pray for them.  And Doug says he has a girl in his group that reminds him a lot of Jillian.  :)  Our sensitive, loving, gentle, courageous, dramatic, funny, beautiful "Baby G"....who is going to be 10 years old in a few short months.    Time flies....thank you Doug for coming into my life and giving me our beautiful children!  I pray for at LEAST 60 more  years :P  Love you so much!

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