Saturday, March 31, 2012

the update on the phone

well, FB readers might know, I posted a 'you were right' Doug comment this past week...because I took my "new" new phone back to the Verizon store and asked them to help me.  They laughed and blamed it on their discovery of my over 270, 000 emails in my inbox.  Said that was trying to download and bogging it down.  So, another reset...they put gmail back on there though ...and I was to go home and figure out either how to delete all my email or set up a new account etc.  I started a new account, to have my old one forwarded to it, w/ the idea to have it put on my phone and just delete the emails it gets....  but first I tried moving all my inbox emails to a separate folder.  Seemed to help some but not much...i was still showing a ton of personal data being used, and it was still running out. finally happened knight in shining armor fixed it for me.  Having gotten a phone just like mine as well, he'd figured a few things out, playing with it.  The Verizon guys were actually at fault!!! They set my account to DOWNLOAD all of my GMAIL EMAIL (like a POP account) to my if itwere a super computer that could hold all of that.  When all I needed was to be able to read my email through the 'net...NOT DOWNLOAD IT ALLL!!!!!  I finally have tons of free data space and can download apps now, woot woot.  It's finally fixed...and I should go up there to the Verizon store and tell them :P  We'll see.... happy b'day to me! ha ha!

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