Sunday, March 4, 2012

Second, M's hair second daughter.  I've talked about her :)  She is none other than Mariam.  The one and only. LOL  I fear this will be here in about 3 or 4 years. LOL

But otherwise....she has been this: 
Joy. :)
my sweet girl! :)

So anyhoo.... miss jealous, cough, I mean...miss M. watched as Jillian bounced through the door, "Ta-da!" And recieved oodles of attention about her new hair, and immediately announced she wanted to go get her hair cut by "Mr. J.C."  LOL  Now...normally if I asked her about getting her hair cut, she revolted.  I think she equated "cut" with sharp objects or pain and said "No way!"  However, this past week that was all history.  She was asking quite often about getting her hair cut. And so, I did INTEND to take her to someone, if not J.C., for said hair cut.  She needed it badly anyway.  True to form, I had been pony-tailing it for quite some time.  Now...yes, her hair is "easier" to care for.  And no, she is not naturally tender-headed. But...she is Mariam...and has that rebellious nature.  Plus she has watched Big Sister wail all of these years.  ("Stop hurting my STISTER!")  So it's no picnic combing her hair either.  Unless rarely, once it's detangled...she forgets...and lets you continue a little while, forgetting that she's not supposed to be enjoying this. :P  She has potential ...just like J. does be my "let's brush each other's hair" duo. LOL She has asked in the past to brush my hair...and ...sometimes half of the time, it's less painful LOL  But her way is not...necessarily soothing. LOL back to the story.  I felt in my bones this was coming....I SHOULD have known.  I may have even thought it.  Heck, I was shocked it hadn't happened in years past already.  

On this past Thursday night, as I prepared to leave for a Mom's Night Out, I was helping Jillian wash and dry her hair.  She still has her cast on, so we had wrapped up her cast in plastic and duct tape (we somehow broke the rubber cover a friend loaned us sigh...another story....)  I then had to cut that off....with scissors.  Mariam saw this, saw me put the scissors down, and before I knew it she had them in her hands.  No, wait...we're not to THAT yet.  So...I caught her...before she could do anything.  And, I thought I was putting them "out of sight, out of mind."  I hid them on my dresser under some clothes.  I didn't think she saw me, or took note.  I would be wrong.  LOL (I LOL in my posts alot, like a nervous giggle in my head as I tell my story...get used to it!) 

When I left, I had Mariam in the bathtub taking her bath, so that things would be a little easier on dear ol' Dad.  I drove the 10 minutes or less to my friend's home for our more "in" than "out" night....and had not been there 10 minutes before I received the call.  Yes, apparently right after I left, she got out of the bathtub and bee-lined it to the scissors.  Before Doug knew, she was coming into the living room w/ the scissors in her hand and asking sweetly "Daddy, can you help me cut some more?"  Oh, I am so glad I was not there at the moment. :)  And from his description, it sounded baaaaad.   

So there was nothing I could do....I continued my night, and when I returned home, she was asleep in I had to wait until the next day to assess the damage.  But...I could see all of these beautiful golden snippets of hair on our bedroom floor beside the bed...some longer, some shorter... (sniff)  No, I didn't cry but FELT like it.  

Upon inspection the next day, it was not as bad as I had envisioned.  Still, it was her version of a mullet.  Apparently it was easiest to reach over her ears on the sides.... I started to fuss, but what was the point. Daddy had already, and it was all said and done.  I just said well, we'll get it fixed.  And I plan to...but have not had the time honestly since then (planning and executing a mass house clean-up and prep for a boys' sleepover party Fri and Sat., then recuperating and going to Mass....well, here we are at present moment.) So, we'll see.  And honestly, I AM surprised it didn't happen before now...I mean it's a "rite of passage" right?  And she's Mariam, right? LOL  Well,'s the damage:
That's her left side and here's the right:
and here is Mariam, true to form:
Wild Child LOL

Her tummy mommy is not surprised :)  And btw, she has her tummy mommy's fine hair.  Always will :)  Oh, I love her!! She is SO full of life...and JOY.  Praying her heart ALWAYS holds JOY. 

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