Sunday, March 18, 2012


Seasonal, yes.  It's that time of year.  Yellow shaded warm breezes.  I swear, I never had them until 2006...the year we moved down here.  And it seems like they've gotten worse each year.  Spring and Fall, doesn't matter here.  And this year, we have an early Spring...we've had temps in the 80s for maybe 3 weeks.  We hardly had a winter and in fact, did not have enough of a hard long freeze to kill down the insects. WAHHHHH!  It's going to be pestilence this year.  Sigh.  Gnats.  Mosquitoes.  Roaches probably.  Gag.

Yes. I love Spring.  I do.   I used to get Spring Fever so badly during school, that my grades would usually slump.  I would stare at the blue sky out of the classroom windows if I could.  In college, I definitely played hookie, usually with my best friend;  we'd drive off somewhere in my car, grab lunch or some frozen yogurt or coffee, and just go sit somewhere w/ the windows down, the music on, sometimes in silence, or sometimes in deep conversation.  (Yes, Cindy I sometimes long for those days again :)  Or just to have them here and there NOW.)  But, too, I loved the smell of the flowers in bloom.  The azaleas that the South is so well known for.  The wisteria was and is a favorite (though bees swarm to it LOL.)  And I see all of it abloom now.... in fact, we have one tiny azalea bush at our new home, beside the garage.

:)  (and yes we need to rake our pinestraw, argh) But....all this my late 30s, becoming the BANE of my EXISTENCE!  LOL  Tickles in my throat that are somehow connected to my eyeballs, namely my right one, as if by a string or electrical a button sounding the alarm...I feel the tiny little tickle and I know:  either I am going to gag, cough, sneeze, or seem to cry.  It happened again in Mass tonight, and briefly Mariam stopped being ...well, naughty...and asked me if I was crying, in a concerned tone. LOL  No.  "You have somethin' in your eye?"  Yes.  And I imagined this yellow spire ball of pollen somehow stuck to the pink toned inside of my throat and maybe my eyeball too. I imagine it looking like a sweetgum ball, with the spikey points, only yellow.  But w/ a maniacal evil laugh, as if so happy to be tormenting me. LOL  Gah.  And the sinus pressure....  Sometimes around my eyes, sometimes leading up to my ear, sometimes around my sides of my nose....and then, I wonder if it's just a bad tooth root hurting me, I don't even know anymore, it hurts off and on so much now in my face.   And just the past few days, a bit of chest wheeze has developed.  I knew I could literally feel that pollen blowing into my lungs.  Sigh.  No, I don't have a cold.  Most of the time, I otherwise feel fine.  No sore throat.  No fever.  This has been going on, daily for like 3 weeks now.  Happened last fall, and last spring, and the fall before that, and the spring before that, and...  like I said...2006.  And I tried taking Zyrtec for few weeks, no avail.  So, now I'm trying another no avail.  Mucus relief, ibuprofren, sometimes cough meds, sometimes honey, ....  Maybe I could try peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil on my sinuses?  I don't know, that's all the essential oils I have right now....but I'll try anything.  And we were outside at the park a long time on Saturday, and though it was hot, it was so nice, but I knew....I knew I'd suffer later...and I did.  I took some Nyquil last night, just so I'd sleep.... And I can't take benadryl, that makes me soo sleepy during the day, and have a hangover the next day.   Anyone out there have thoughts or ideas as to what I should try?  Guess I need to do some googling....

UPDATE:  allergies have been getting better this week, but...bad news is, I am pretty sure some of that what I thought to be sinus-pressure is rather my tooth hurting me :(  I had this bad tooth that had started to chip...and finally didn't hurt me though...even though it's broke up to the's on the side, so thankfully not obvious to the world, but I thought I was going to get to coast along...continuing my 8 yr long (wow time flies! sigh) avoidance of the dentist (another post for another time, related to my PTSD and fear) .....but if this keeps up and/or gets progressively worse...I may have to break down ...and that scares the dickens out of me!!!!  SO I ask for prayers for my tooth....may my pain go away like Doug's did with his LOL  It sort of radiates along the whole side of my face, up toward my ear... just one ibuprofren or tylenol won't touch it....sigh.

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