Tuesday, March 27, 2012

new "new" phone...or not. sigh.

well, I fell behind again in updating (lots in draft) because of busy-ness again.  But one thing that has been frustrating since Wed. is my "new" "smart" phone. LOL  Not so "smart" for me though.  I got it all set up on Friday w/ D's help.  I started using it...checking email, adding Facebook, adding a game or two....and boom.  It stopped working.  Kept shutting everything down w/ an error message and saying my personal data or memory was too full.  So we called Verizon customer service.  Hmm, they've never seen that before...shouldn't be happening.  Well, let's reset it then.  They cleared it...factory reset...start over w/ setting it up and adding things.  And....by Sat. night...bam, same thing.  (I'm like the Batman and Robin show here, boom, bam, zap! LOL)  So....I missed some calls and some texts and made it to  Monday, and went in to the Verizon store.  Hmm, never seen that before,...it shouldn't be happening.  So, ...factory reset, etc etc....come back for a new phone if it happens again.  Tuesday, ...deja vu all over again.  Sigh.  So I go in to the store again, they give me another one...a "new" new phone....he sets it up for me, even adding my Gmail to it.  I leave, hopeful that this will be it and all will be well.  I begin using it...call hubby, check email, look through apps to see what I might want....haven't even added Facebook yet.  And out of curiosity I check my "personal data" memory on task manager.  It's halfway full.  Ummm....no, no...can't be...maybe it's a temporary thing....go close some apps, clear my memory...check again...still halfway.  Okay, don't worry...just check it later...forget about it... try texting hubby to make sure it's still working...yes.

So then, later I am checking my Facebook on my laptop, and a friend asks if I got her text message.  Um, no.  Checking phone....OH. MY. Gosh.  GRRR!    My "personal data" is nearly full, hanging on by a thread and I have no new text messages.  I ask her to send it again, after I clear some memory.  Nope..doesn't go through...and my memory is still "full." WAHHHH!  So...here I sit, planning another trip up to Verizon...they are open until 9pm.  My first experience with a "smart" phone isn't going so well.  LOL  I hope Someone isn't trying to tell me something LOL :P  Will update my saga soon .....

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