Sunday, March 18, 2012

First born

EDIT:  I started this post back closer to his actual birthday, Feb. 27 LOL  Just now posting......Well, I couldn't brag on my girls, without also bragging on my First Born Son.  Oh I get emotional thinking about what a good "little boy" he has been...and (sniff) what a good young man he is becoming.  Yes, he turned 12 last Monday and he has reminded me 357 times that in "just" 4 more years he will be getting his driver's license.  WAHHHH!  LOL  Hush your mouth boy!  :P

But he seemed to have a good birthday...he invited some friends over to crash for the night Friday night (or rather, stay awake all night together having fun.)  Yes, I was momentarily clinically insane. :P  Parents seemed to think "more power to ya!" LOL  But it went really well, the boys mostly played the Wii of course, and had a few games of hide and seek in the dark, even in our small house (not outside, since it was an Amazonian DOWNPOUR that night with multiple thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches. argh.)  And even hilarious rounds of "Truth or Dare" that involved a few dares to sneak up to me and say something silly. LOL  I got a kick out of that. (I was on the couch, on the laptop, until late) Ah, how the birthday parties have "aged" through the years....and I don't want to think how they WILL "age" in the future.  LOL   From watching the latest cartoon movie with popcorn and pizza (though that also happened this year LOL) to Truth or Dare.  Gah.  But all in all it went really well, and the boys seemed to have fun.  Future sleepovers are already in the works.  :)  Micah is making some great friends.   Here's the big hit cake pops a mom in our parish made for the party :)
(she actually put them on green "grass" in a box, not this pink thingy :)

And like I said, maturing.  Yes, he likes to grab the full attention of anyone near by and talk incessantly still about all things Pokemon.  Sigh. (maybe that one social skill he lacks due to not putting him in the public institutions, i mean, schools?? ) LOL Yes, he raises his hand in Rel. Ed. class to share something about his Teddy Bear, to which giggles can be heard in response.  Sigh.  Yes, he can torment his sisters, and laugh at the silliest non-sensible jokes.  But... he also loves altar-serving and takes pride in serving when he can at Daily Mass, being the only kid there.   Finally, we are able to now that we live 3 minutes instead of 30 minutes, from the church.  It's actually a wonderful start to our days when we make it.  It does throw our schedule off a bit, being at 9 a.m.  Because we aren't early-enough risers to fit breakfast in before Mass, we have to after...which is late, and then we often do either Home school group/Spanish class or a park day (phys. ed. :) and then it seems like it's lunch time, then nap time, then our evening, when do you fit some actual "schooly" type things in, or just reading?  Well, granted, if I have my wits about me, I can set the older two up w/ assignments to do while we take our nap (since I stay up so late, I more times than not, fall asleep too w/ Mariam LOL).......unless I don't nap, and get back up and can do some work w/ them.  And this year, more than ever, I feel like I'm "falling behind."  But more on that in another post....

Back to Micah....I love how so very "first born" he is.  He takes responsibility.  He is a "rules guy."  He takes pride now in keeping his room clean and neat and organized, and taking out the trash.  This may be short-lived LOL but I'm enjoying it.  What I am not enjoying is the new pre-teen-ness.  Argh.  I sense (see me literally sniffing it out, I SMELL it LOL) the HORMONES beginning to stir....beginning to rage.  No, not those kind of hormones.....but just....the emotion-inducing kind.  Sometimes angry hormones...sometimes happy...sometimes sad and crying...sometimes confused and overwhelmed....ack!  I sense....the...ATTITUDE.  Wahhhh!  Give me back my little two year old holding his linus-worn blue blankie and teddy bear:

Speaking of Teddy.....sigh.....I knew this was coming.  But...yk, he just turned 12 years old....and yes, we figured he was going to end up taking Teddy to college with him, especially after seeing Toy Story 3 a few times. LOL (Like I said, he's not ashamed either...he doesn't "care" what other people think, even his peers at church!)  He still needed Teddy to sleep.  He still toted him to sleepovers and grandparents' homes.  Even after adding a second, newer Bear....Cousin Copper...the chocolate smelling bear from Grandmama and Grandpa a few years back for Valentines' Day....he still favored good ol' Teddy, who was the same age as Micah, and he had his own language to communicate with. LOL  But alas, we think ....we...have...lost...Teddy.  For. good. :(*  Oh the agony.  Micah hasn't given up all hope yet, and is praying for St. Anthony to help find him.  But here's how it went down.   Micah had spent the night at Nana and Pawpaw's and I went to pick him up.  I was in a hurry, but told him to go get his Bear.  Micah went to right where he believed he had put Teddy...on or next to Pawpaw's desk (where the kids congregate to play games on the computer, in the kids' play room, where the tv is.)  But see, that day, a family friend who is a professional house cleaner/organizer had begun work to declutter and clean the house.  And she'd been throwing out things...old toys maybe even.  She doesn't think she threw it out, but I mean, would she know?  Maybe she did, maybe she didn't.  But...we certainly can't find Bear anywhere....and it's been what...3, maybe 4 weeks?   I really meant to confiscate Bear long before now and put him in a place of safe-keeping....or demand that Micah do so, and not take him out of the house ever, ever.  Sigh.  But...I guess time will tell.  So...for now, Copper is doing Teddy's job.  My 12 year old moody, but happy mostly, "baby" is snoozing away with him right now.....on the floor of his sisters' room because he doesn't want to be alone.  LOL  We'll see how much THAT changes in the next 4 years! :P 

Ah, my braces-wearing, glasses-wearing (when not lost or broken) giggly emotional I love thee.  :)

You challenge me in new ways (and call me out, when I am in the wrong....)  You make me proud.  I love how you love history and math and science (when I do actually teach you something lol) ....and art...and "know" that Pokemon (and Digimon, and Dragonball, and Yugioh and all that other stuff) are not real.  I love how you are learning your Faith and are you had such a good weekend w/ the teens at the Abby Youth Festival...and have many years yet to go again and again.  I love how you've thought already about the priesthood, but also about marriage and family.  I pray so hard that GOD's WILL be done in your life, young man...son.  May HE show you the way to YOUR true calling and vocation.  Whatever it may be...I give it over to is in HIS HANDS and I will be so proud and happy either way.  (I never used to say that a Protestant, I didn't fully understand vocations...and wanted you to only be married and have children....but now I know, in the big scheme of would be WONDERFUL if you were called to be a PRIEST...or a Religious.  I think you would be SOO GOOD at it!!!! :)  Oh, I love you Micah!!  Happy Birthday...more bragging on you later!  

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