Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Thing

I think there is one thing I am most proud of myself, as a mother, that I do.  That I do well and good.  For the most part.  When my child wakes me up in the middle of the night, no matter how much sleep I have had or how I feel, so far I have been able to be there for them.  I mean "be there" in every way.  I can hold hair out of the way for puking, hold the puke bowl, wipe the puke away, clean up the puke, wipe the bottoms, bathe the sick child, redress them, sleep on the couch with them, hold them, rub their backs, hold the cold rag on their faces.....etc. Heck, even for a kidney stone, a wound in the head, or a broken arm now. LOL  And I am so grateful to God for such graces.  Maybe at times, they are "too dependent" on me....too "babied"...I don't know.  But I am still glad I can do these things for them, knowing it was something I longed for as a child.  Oh, I really am not bitter about it, because my mom couldn't help being the way she was about that.  Some people just can't handle it.  But I so wished she could on so many lonely scary nights, when I was sick.  And maybe I said prayers about it, that one day I would be able to do it for MY children.  I don't know...but I am so thankful I can be.  And I hope I always will be able to "be there" at ANYtime during the night, for whatever my child needs of me.  Lord, in Your Mercy, hear my prayer!!

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