Monday, March 5, 2012

Mountaintop Experiences

I just read this fellow Catholic mom's blog post about the Gospel from yesterday.... and it expounded so much more eloquently than I could have on just what I was thinking about, upon reflection of the Gospel.  I can remember so many "mountain top experiences" through out my journey of Faith.  I had some as a preteen, some as a high schooler, some in college and some in married life, esp. since being Catholic, and even more especially in the past 6 years.   It may have been a good sermon, or some good music that gave me a spark....or my near-death experience...or a weekend retreat ( Cursillo being one of the best but even more so since, then just moments of revelation during Adoration of our Lord.)  But each time...there was this renewed sense of commitment and conviction....a resolve to be a SUPER-CHRISTIAN "now".... well, and that has matured through the years...  it's been "sticking" more and more I think.   But, too, each time....I've just wanted, longed, wished to stay in my current state....of bliss or harmony or closeness with the Lord.  And each time...reality seemed to set in quickly.  Oh, we are often warned it "hold on" to this experience...let it change you.  But...isn't it hard?  I mean....if Peter, who was there daily, walking beside Christ, who was there on the mountain top with Jesus, Moses and Elijah and also longed to "pitch a tent" and stay....if he even let "reality hit" and well, even denied Christ those 3 times (I feel so sorry for him each time it is read, after that third time...what anguish and guilt he felt!  And how much we are like him, only worse!) we have a prayer? LOL

Well, the answer is of course, yes.  We do...because we have Christ with us in an even more real way than Peter did then...  we have Him in the Eucharist....we get to ingest ALL of HIM....which is such an amazing, awesome and INTIMATE mystery.  What a blessing!  So....try to hold on to the "mountain top" while going down the mountain and along the path to Jerusalem, this Lent...and beyond. (Basically was Fr. G's sermon on Sunday as well :)  Though he said it much better too!)

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