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Wednesday within the Octave of Easter

Wednesday within the Octave of Easter:

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(had this sitting in draft so forgive me, how late it is...)
I can't tell you just how much I have learned in this Gospel...when I heard it, my heart did a if  MY OWN eyes were just opened to new revelation from Jesus, similar to this "road to Emmaus" experience.... the kicker:  "and how he was made known to them in the breaking of the bread."  WOW!!!  As if I never heard this  before!!!  EUCHARIST.  What was so important about breaking bread together, to Christ?  He taught this to his disciples immediately before his death, and immediately after.  It wasn't "just" the Passover meal was so much more!  He was setting up His Eucharist....He was teaching his priests to say Mass.  He was showing us how His Sacrifice, while a once-happened death on the Cross and Life-giving, salvation-bestowing Resurrection....was an ON-GOING Continuous and WONDERFUL thing...a Mystery to us...just as the Feeding of the 5000, the miracle of the MULTIPLYING ...the fish and loaves..was a Mystery.  A Mystery now, to our understanding, yet...nevertheless a REALITY....and it is through HIS EUCHARIST, HIS Body and Blood "broken" and given to us that we then realize "he was made known to" us.  It is how He makes Himself KNOWN to us....every day, every week, .... and as soon as they "saw", he disappeared.  Why?  Because He wasn't gone.  He was showing them HOW He was going to be WITH them from now on.... amazing and wonderful.  Makes me want to run to adoration right now!!!!  Emmanuel =  God with us. He IS WITH US. :)  Okay...well, I hope you feel my excitement and share my joy.  :)  That is all for now.

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