Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Playing a Quiz game w/ the kids on Catholic teaching....and one question was:

Jesus learned obedience to the Father through __________.
A. fasting
B. studying
C. suffering

answer is C.  But it just struck is part of what I have gained through my faith in the Church....the idea of suffering = good.   It wasn't just that He suffered, so that we wouldn't have to.  No ..but that we can identify and UNITE our suffering to HIS, in a sacrificial way.   It's so beautiful.  Sure, it'd be nice....and easy...if He just took our pain away...and we CAN pray that He will.  He DOES and CAN perform miracles.  But in the mean's a beautiful thing to offer up our suffering to HIM as a prayer....and "learn obedience."  Well, ...there's so much more I could say about that, and need to learn about that....but duty (children) calls...literally "Mom, mommy, mum, mummy, momma, mom, Amanda..." lol like Lois :p It REALLY is like that.  lol  P.S.  When I wrote this, I had no idea we had MORE "suffering" to go, with more stomach bug junk, ugh.  But then, when we watched the Passion movie together for Easter, as a family (which my kids were seeing for the first time and boo-hoo'ed through) made my suffering pale so much..... anyhoo...)

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