Thursday, April 12, 2012

No flower-shaped soap here.

I guess I got my answer tonight to my "blog envy."  :)    Here is what I just wrote a close email group:   did anyone see this article?  well blog post..... 

i am boo=hooing now over it.  My kids are the same way.  all the time i spend on here, online, on the phone, whatever....or that they spend on computer/games/videos whatever.......they still CRAVE my attention and hear their stories, their thoughts, their questions, or play a game with them.  And they love my voice and how I sing stuff, even if no one else does.   And Jillian will cry if she thinks I am downing myself or thinking myself a "bad mom" for something :(  ....she will still say (no matter my failing) that I am the best mom ever. :( ..........I was just bemoaning myself last night, not being one of these uber-bloggers....'s okay....maybe one day I'll get there...and maybe I won't.  But ...I NEED to focus on my kids.  MORE.   And just spend time making memories with them. 

 If God forbid, my memory is "slipping" at age 70 .....I at least want my daughters and son to have good memories of me as a mother.....I want to have years from now til then of closeness....of bonding...of trust ...of gentleness.....of TIME spent together....DOING and ENJOYING.  sigh....just my thoughts tonight.... We actually had a really good day today helping Dad plan the Catechist appreciation dinner and making food.  The two older ones helped me a LOT in the kitchen...finally getting to help me make brownies (a rarity) and stirring pasta salad (no pics though lol) and playing games with Mariam to keep her occupied :)  And the dinner went really well...we had more teachers (w/ their families this year) show up than last...and they are all good souls!  We really do appreciate them stepping up and saying "yes!" :)  God bless them (and bring them back next year! :)  

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