Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blog envy

Ah, everyone has such nice blogs...how do busy (home school) moms do it?  I know how to take a pic, edit it, and load it pretty quickly... but...I just don't sit here w/ the kids and think, oh, I need to take a picture of this and share it w/ the world in 2 neat little paragraphs.  LOL  Is there some kind of transition into that kind of life?  Some kind of tutorial?  I love to write, but during the day when the kids are busy LIVING out LOUD around me LOL ....I can't think well enough to have coherent thoughts.  Then, I have this late night "mommy time" or "alone time" and I'm too frazzled....or I just read everyone else's thoughts.

Well....anyway, I and my sweet little family have been pretty sick for the past 4 weeks.  I even had to miss Easter services all weekend due to my stomach bug :(  blech!  (We all cycled through a few different types of viruses...one week one of us would have a cold-like virus w/ fever, chills, congestion, then the next it was fever and stomach virus.) And today was our first AWAKE and RE-ENERGIZED day ....  I got up and fixed breakfast for the kids (Doug had been doing SO much of this stuff for days, bless that man!), then did a load of dishes and a load of laundry and showered and then fixed lunch and did some reading while the girls shared some videos together on the laptop before Mariam's nap.  Micah did some reading and some math on the coolmath site.  Then we all went up to the church originally to help Daddy w/ some work, but I had to meet w/ a guy giving me some estimates on kitchen appliances for our parish kitchen.  We are in the beginning stages of planning an update to the kitchen, and since I am the kitchen coordinator...voila.   Then we had our first committee meeting to discuss said remodel, and then I had a meeting with the other moms planning our brand new Frontier Girls group, woohoo!  Busy busy, but very exciting stuff! :)   Things are actually a tad slower now for us, now that RE classes have ended for the school year...but we still have tons of things coming up, including some really cool home school things.  So stay tuned.... but for now, here is a pic of Mariam, when we were all camping out in the living room during our sickness (it's become a "thing" w/ the kids every illness...and especially Doug had the stomach bug alone, in his room, and we all "just" had the cough/congestion/fever stuff.......or when we had the stomach bug, and he did not. LOL)

Amazing how much we love that little puppy (and little girl too :)....but even when Mariam and her go at it all day (Belle thinks Mariam is her little sister and she can nip at her during "play" argh) and still snuggle up together at night.  She's becoming the best little dog we've ever had....very smart, very loving. :)   Anyhoo......and here's a sneak pick at our Winter Family pics we had taken in December...just before Christmas...but we didn't have our "act" together enough to get them selected, printed, and sent out (when do I EVER have my "act" together? LOL  When do I ever mail out any kind of picture or card or letter??? :P )  Anyway....we were very blessed with this GIFT and beautiful photog. session from Letters from Home Photography by Kimberly Vega (who sadly moved away from the area, sigh) ......


  1. Amanda,

    What a beautiful photo of you and your husband! I am so sorry to hear you were so sick over Easter. I enjoyed reading your news.

  2. Thank you Sue! But you didn't give me the tutorial on blogging! LOL And see my update to this post :)