Friday, August 3, 2012

Update and All Aboard!

I have no time for blogging right now.  Life has been going FULL STEAM AHEAD with no stops. I get up between 7 and 7:30 a.m. and cook breakfast, do any dishes or cleaning I need to, make sure Pawpaw does his blood sugar and takes his pills, run any errands, throw in a load of laundry, get lunch going/prepared, then am still working on getting our clothes and things organized and put away so that we have our own space in our rooms of the house, then start preparing supper, then do dishes and clean kitchen, and fall into bed by midnightish. Nephews have been around since school is still out for summer, so all the food prep/cleaning is doubled.  And I haven't put together a chore chart to get the kids helping yet, other than Micah taking out trash.  So SUPER BUSY.  This is all since Tuesday, since until then we were still cleaning and packing at the old house.  I have been so exhausted but proud of myself (and thankful for the grace) for adjusting to our new normal.  Had some commitments at church and our first Frontier Girl's meeting (woohoo) and got all of our address change and moving errands done. I had felt like I was losing weight, but may be reverting back to old stress-handling ways...need to reassess our eating/exercise habits and (Virtual 5K? huh? what's that? :P sigh...) ....well frankly my next goals are working on the home school plan and our new schedule, which includes chore charts, exercise goals, and eating.  So...I gots a lots to do LOL

For now, Father-in-law is doing great...home health care and PT comes nearly every day.  He gets outside in the sun a few times a day for some fresh air w/ his new wheely-walker LOL  His little buddy has to join him:

When he gets ready to walk somewhere, he calls out "All Aboard!" and wherever she is, whatever she is doing, she comes running and hops on the seat on his walker, usually on her knees, sometimes w/ her goggles on LOL....and she does her arm, and yells "Choo choo!"  It is so cute, I really need to get video.  Then she says "you're my best pawpaw in the world!  you're my best friend!" :)  

Anyhoo... hope to post that home school plan and chore chart plan soon... off to a canoe trip tomorrow, or at least transporting kids and teens to it.... Be Blessed! :) (I love when I hear a cashier or some stranger in a store say that to that only in the South?  I wonder...)

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