Friday, August 3, 2012

No time for Quick takes but...

WOW...did not know I never posted this, darn it!  Well, here is a draft from last week :)

I give u two funs from this otherwise busy and stressful week :)

I thought it was so cute, when after Mariam found my mother's old glasses from when she was a child (they were in their original case in the draw of my grandmother's sewig machine that I inherited :)  circa late 1930s/early '40s) she put them on.  Gonna have to show Grandmama :)

laughing at herself LOL:

And, as I posted on Facebook, it is a wonderful, relaxing feeling when your daughters brush your hair :) and "play" with it.  Jillian is getting good at braids, and was braiding one side while Mariam brushed the other.  Then the first pic is Mariam taking a pic and the second is Jillian's pic :)  I must say, I love my braid and need to get her to braid it like that every day LOL I just usually do me ol' quick-in-a-bun with a scrunchy to get out the door and stay cool LOL  Yes, I know it's nearly as if I had short hair.  BUT....there's an obvious dfference to me, and I do not look good w/ short hair.  So, as long as I am poor and only doing once a year or twice a year hair cuts, this is my style :P  Deal with it LOL As dear Mama-in-law once said, "we're just low maintenence kinda girls" LOL

So, the thing that is keeping me so busy and stressed is, as I've mentioned, us moving quickly out of our rental and in with the In-Law's to help take care of them.  We were so pleasantly shocked this morning when he was released from the hospital.  He will have home health care and rehab but his new "normal" is a much weaker man.  And he and MIL need alot of help.  Hopefully we will be able to meet all their extra needs.  Pray for us! 

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