Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update: Fall '09

well, so far this blog is "oops, sorry, forgot to update" or well, just not keeping up...keep hoping that will change, but for now, to catch it up to date:

Surgery on July 27 went well and while things weren't as bad as they thought it'd be, they were bad enough. I won't go into detail at this point but anyhoo, my recovery went better than expected too. There were yucky days and yucky things about it all and pain ...but overall, it was good. And after the basic 6 weeks of recovery was up, and since...I've been pleasantly shocked at how good I feel. Like a new spring chicken LOL ugh...I hate feeling so good because of a hysterectomy, is what it is. A lot of my brain fog from the past at least 4 yrs, has lifted. Of course, pessimist that I am, I keep waiting for it all to end LOL but not that I am not enjoying it while I can.

Then, Jillian's birthday seemed to zoom by us....she turned 7 and we really never got to have her party (yet another party canceled for illness...happens every year to one or both of them) other than a cake and song w/ family (ha, isn't that all it HAS to be? LOL nooooo, my kids plan their parties ALL YEAR LONG lol)

Also, Micah trained to become an acolyte/altar server at church and Jillian began Sacramental prep. for First Reconciliation and First Communion.  The kids learned tons about art in the art-themed co-op classes this semester.  The kids joined Children's Choir this year and are loving it (micah had a few small solo's in their first performance in October), Doug has had record attendance at Life Teen Nights and he is really enjoying it,  Mariam is really growing and changing (well growing taller, she's still a skinny-minny :) every day, talking more, playing hard, singing and dancing, making animal sounds (her fav. are the moo-cows :) and running w/ her cute little hop, and she still is such a good sleeper and still is very healthy, never sick , ............ oh yes, and forgot to say, our beloved lady dog, Trina, got ran over and it was a terrible terrible loss to our family....and though we weren't sure for a while if we wanted another dog, we did end up getting a new one, a 6mo. old male  basset hound/chihuahua mix named Dexter and he's been a fun addition.  He is so cute and funny and at first he and our cat Snowball seemed arch enemies, but now I think they are only "enemies"  for show LOL  I think they love play-fighting and antagonizing (much like brother and sisters, ahem, do)...but at the end of the day, literally, you will find them both curled up very near each other at the foot of our feet in bed at night LOL  Ahhhhh, loving my pets that I dreamed of as a child LOL

So, once I adjusted to the busiest FAll ever in our little family's life LOL (tons of church activities, including helping doug w/ youth ministry, and dance and soccer and new homeschool group/co=op, and girl scouts and cub scouts and so on and so forth)...I started getting the house organized (our bedroom and bathroom, check....still working on the rest lol) and started writing and getting more involved with various birth activism projects. I will post more on that later hopefully, but I plan to start another blog just for birth issues, and make this one just for my personal stuff/homeschool/kids/blah blah blah.... so that the birth one can be "out" there more and more public and so forth and so on LOL

So, here we are in to November......just had Halloween, which was a blast watching the kids have fun!  But couldn't get organized nor organize the Catholic homeschool moms to do an All Saints' party LOL  One day ( but bless Pam's heart, who had her preemie baby boy due to a previa...i took her a meal, and hope to again) And Doug turned 38 :) and got what he wanted for his b'day, a Bama win! lol

And we are hoping to get a new business (for us, but a long time established one by uncle) going soon ....soon, which would be on the side for doug and I'd do the paperwork for. Money is still really tight, and we 're not sure yet if we are going to make it to Shreveport for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  But if we don't, the kids might ring our necks :)  They've been talking about it for months. LOL   So we'll see....

Other things to come:  starting an ICAN chapter for our area, participating more in the local birth community (BirthNetwork meetings, etc), writing articles and helping w/ BA/BAC, tons of homeschooling catch-up work, fun stuff w/ the homeschool group like Field Day, Farm Day, and Christmas Party, youth activities at church, and several other Advent/Saints'feast days/Christmas parties and activities, and of course Noah's day ..his 4th ( i bought some noah's ark plates and napkins and plan our usual blue balloons and cake), and who knows what else LOLOL.....(btw, i say LOL a lot in my online typing/writing's my nervous giggle :P think, betty rubble ..heehee)  So here is my journal, post. LOL isn't that all this is for me, a place to put a synposis of what i've done...what I already told everyone on email and facebook LOL ? :P  Well, maybe one day I'll have something REALLY important to say ...just wait and stay tuned...ha! lol (and what's really funny is that the only ones who'll read this are the ones who know all of this already, via "email and facebook" and so on LOL...I guess I am typing all of this out for my love of talking about myself LOL and for "in case" in the future anyone who doesn't know can read back thru and get to know us or what we do, our family, etc.....I guess I need to learn to just blog an article I like, or about our homeschooling day or whatever, oh and add pics! lol)  okay, going to bed now..... :P

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