Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ooops, here i am again!

Well, heck, get used to it...i'm a disorganized forgetful procrastinating mommy-brain night owl overwhelmed (etc etc) mom :P (and yes i forgot commas lol) I knew I'd let the blog go, but i am :P And here's my thoughts for tonight: it's Sunday night, 11:30 pm and i just got baby layed down for the night (my fault it takes this long, i'll explain some other time lol...) and I really want us to start going to Mass at 10 am again on Sunday's. But dog gone it, i'm tired (long day, A-day game, I'll explain later maybe i keep forgetting to take my iron and am still anemic, grr) and usually am, and it's hard enough for me to get up on regular days and get going in the mornings, much less GO anywhere. (yeh yeh, big joke on both sides of the family lol) Okay, I used to argue myself..well if you can get up and go to XYZ (doctor appt, bible study, exercise, shopping, school, wherever..) then you can get up on Sunday morning and go to church for God. It's true. (like i tell the kids, for all that God does for us, we can give him at least ONE HOUR of our BEST per week, geesh lol) And of course, it was always a beef with my mother lol. She made it, in her mind, so much harder than i thought it had to be to get up and get ready for church. The hair and makeup, the dress, the stinkin' pantyhose (evil creation)....all vanity. ugh. I'm a cross between yes, look your best/women wear dresses to your ankles and "come as you are", because at least you are there and God doesn't care. Well, don't come as you are if you are in a mini skirt and tank top, cover up! :) (another post another time lol) But really... let's not be vain.'re not *that* vain (er, i am more than others :P grr) fact, i wonder if we're secretly known as the Wrinkled Chubby family behind our backs. LOL Most of the time, I think our clothes are probably wrinkled (grr, i hate to iron, sigh) and of course shirts are untucked because it's so much more comfortable (and feels like it LOOKS better) on chubby people and hair is half combed, if combed at all (grr, i am NO good w/ poor Jillian's tangled thick curly hair, sigh) Anyway, so okay I always told my mom, prepare the night before, or even days in advance....ahahahahhaha! yeh right. Ok, so, so far tonight, i've located a dress for jillian to wear, but no socks or tights (and assuming she knows where her church sandles are, usually we look for shoes the minute we're supposed to be walking out the door), and dress pants for Micah, but no shirt and no shoes, and pants/polo for doug but no black socks, skirt/blouse possibly for me if I can decide lol (but should shave my legs i suppose, grr, why am I not a hippy on this? why am I bound to this societal norm? LOL well, bound to it if i wear a skirt/shorts/ swimsuit in public, but not in the winter/with pants/for husband LOLOL :P ), and i think i know where the dress i'd want baby to wear is..... this means a lot left to do in the hour i will have in the morning, since kids get up around 8 am and are my alarm clock and i'm no good at getting up before lol and we'd need to leave between 9 and 9:30...seems like a lot of time, but again, we're not just throwing on jeans breakfast,....ugh... as usual, though i haven't given up yet, I am assuming we'll be going to the 5pm Mass :P Right when the storms predicted will probably show up, grr. We'll see....

And yes, I said "chubby"...a whole other issue I want to say some things about ..but now, it has taken me 2 hours to write this and I MUST go to bed and hope I can get up and do the above in the morning and hope that Mariam doesn't wake at 5a.m again like the past two nights...

onward and upward! LOL

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