Monday, March 30, 2009


well, i'd hoped to type up something cool today (ha!), but things were running hot here instead LOL The fridge was, anyway. ugh. We're wondering if during the storms, lightening did something to it. It is running, but not cooling or freezing. We thought last night maybe the fridge part was still cooling, but nope...everything was really warm I've been tossing all of our food. Wahhh! For those who don't know, Thursday morning last week, we headed to the Martins' (in-laws, or usually noted as the "ILs") to wait out the first round of storms. Better safe than sorry, we say, living in a trailer. The first round wasn't too bad, but a second round was slated to come early Friday morning, so we spent the night. Again, not too terrible, but same thing Friday night... a third round of storms coming early Sat. morning. Only this round was worse. I was up late (as usual) on the computer, over there, and before going to bed, checked the weather. There was a tornado warning in the next county over, west of us, coming straight for us at 50 mph. Ok, I could not go to sleep after that, so I just sat and sat watching the weather. In the end, the tornadoes died down by the time the storm got to us, but there was tons of rain and wind and lightening. We also missed the baseball size hail others' reported, thankfully. But the flooding...."unprecedented" for the Dothan area. For a few hours Saturday, all roads in Geneva County were closed. Many houses had minor flooding. Then by Saturday night, I had the stomach bug going around (Micah, Jillian and Mariam had it last week) we spent another night at the ILs. We finally got back home Sat. evening. Our home was fine. Just part of our dirt road was washed away, but there was room to pass. Could have all been so much worse. We were home a long time before we noticed stuff dripping out of our freezer part of our fridge. Ugh. Everything in it was thawed out and warm...beautiful boneless chicken breasts, a bag of beautiful scallops LOL (yes beautiful :P ), frozen veggies and berries, peas we put up last summer still, several cans of juice, pie crusts..... But okay, so we thought, well, the fridge part still feels a little was too late to go buy ice, we tried un plugging it and replugging it in again, to see if that helped.....couldn't find any reset switch we'll just wait and see. Well, by morning, everything was for sure warm.... 2 dozen eggs, half a gallon of milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh veggies galore (we salvaged some) but the strawberries were getting old anyway and it didn't take long for them to get fuzzy, cheese, a whole hen i was gonna boil, turkey bacon and turkey sausage............wahhhhh! So........that's what I've been doing today...crying over spoiled milk LOL Shannon suggested ...we'll see if we can figure anything out, but I think we'll be calling a repair man........will have to be Thurs. before he can come though. A. the house is a wreck and that's what I'm working on tomorrow, catching up B. then there's Micah's baseball practice tom. night C. Wed. will be a full day of taking Doug to work, shopping for Elem. Youth Night at Church, then taking Mariam for her Check up at the Ped' time for any birthday celebrations LOL but that's okay, being w/ my family IS celebration :) Wow, I might actually like gabbing on a blog like this afterall....i could go on and on. LOL Maybe this will be a good incentive for me to be more organized and consistent with our homeschooling :) Oh btw (by the way), they're predicting storms again tom. night and wed. morning...we may have another night at the ILs, not sure yet...ugh.

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